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01 September 2007


Where did the summers go? It's Buster's month alreadys. And it's been sooo hots! Hope it cooools off soon.

I bet he's cruisin' around keepin' cooools.

...I think I'm turnin' Japanese I reeeallys think so..., coz when I catch a nap on the cooools floor I use the woodens bumper for a pillow...


This light is a slows light. ∆≈ is listenin' to “The Game”. I guess EVERYS first day of the weeksend I'll be nappin' and Dads will be listenin' to the game.

This lights he's movin' MY photos to Flickr. What a pains! Even more of a pains, ∆≈ dropped my spys camera. BIG DUMMYS!! Then the other light he was prunin' stuffs when he saw a reeeallys big jumpin' speeder. He took a photos usin' some of MY treats monies for a size reference. When Dads got back, the speeder was gone and so was my monies!

He stole my treats monies!! The little dummys!

Nah, not reeeallys! Arf! Arf!

Hope everydogs has a great cooools Bustember.



Katherine and Pippa, said...

Hi Freda

Seems like you and me spends a lot of time lying around. But thats cool isn't it.

Mistress is meant to say other things to you but she has forgotten.

It's a week since we last posted and she has lost it all. Ah well. Catch yas.


Freda said...

Hey Pippas,

∆≈ forgets too. He is tryin' to helps me with my barkin', do some Flickrin' and some Twitterin' and keep his journal up. THEN he's gotta do houseworks, garden stuffs, paints and take cares of me. He use to multi-task at works but now he wants to relax. How come our peeps are so busys?



Charlie said...

Yeah, mom said we had to switch to something new so we've been Flicker'n this week too. And talk about speeders! We've got 'em big time up here. Mom knocks 'em down, and they've spun up a new web the next day!! Woeah!

Stay cool, Freda!

Freda said...

Hey Charlies,

There is a reeeallys big speeder web in Texas. See I think they're lookin' for c-a-t-s or Hobbits.

∆≈ took a breaks and now he's Flickrin' agains. Poor guys.


Cubby said...

Ooooh! Scary spider!

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Hey Freda

We tried to change the poll after what you said but somedog had voted. Oh well.

I can't believe mistress used to multi-task - now she just flits from 1,2 1,2 one thing to another and never finishes anys of them.


Holly said...

Not a very comfy pillow Freda!

That speeder looks nasty! VERY Huge! My human woman would have been screaming if she saw it!


Freda said...

I think that speeder took ∆≈'s ability to multi-task. It is takin' FOREVERS to transfer my spys camera pics.

The jumpin' speeders are neatos. They just jump arounds but won't hurt us. Just lookin' for foods AND MY TREATS MONIES!!



P.S. I am getting VERY frustrated. May end up deleting 4000+ photos just to end the misery.



Goofy said...

eeeiikksssss... yucky spidey!!!

Simba said...

I'll type this as Mummy has run away from the computer screaming. Next time warning, she's so chicken. Off the settee Mummy. down, down.

Simba xx

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Freda,
The spidey stole your money!! You need to get your money back or else you won't have enough for your treats!!

FleasGang said...

We like his spider fur. Did you get to pet him or did he just take your money and run?

The FleasGang

Ume said...

ARGH!!!! the speeder looked scawie!!!

thanks for dropping by my blog, Freda! i'll be linking u to my blog... as i try to figure out the significance of 1,2,1,2...

Momo :) said...

Hello Freda!!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog on my barkday!! I am really glad you came by! How do you make such a cool blog?!? You have a lot of fun stuff... I have to check out your blog VERY often.

Momo xoxo

pee ess; Thanks again for signing up my guestbook. I am doing the same right now! :)

pee pee ess: ok.. I love your blog but that spider is scary! ;P

pee pee pee ess: I am going to add your name on my friends list. So you're only one click away from my pc.

Sparky said...

Whoa, that spider scared me for a second! I though he was crawling across my computer screen, hehe.


Freda said...

Everydog, please excus my droolin's, Mum's cookin' CHICKEN!! I may have to quit suddenlys and eat.

Hey Goofys, Simbas, Huskees, Fleas, Umes, Momos and Sparkys.

Thanks for sniffin' arounds. Didn't mean to skardy anydog or their peeps. Just wanted to warns you about keepin' your treat monies safe. Those speeders can go anywheres they want.

This guy was reeeallys neato. I think he even smiled for the spys camera. Arf! Arf!

I got my monies back. Thanks for askin'. And ∆≈ did orders some more treat stuffs. Yeah!!

Gotta go! CHICKENS time!



Natasha Fernz said...

Hi there...

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Thanks a million

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh Bustember is pretty good so far. Are you really turning Japanese Freda??

~ Girl girl

Sophie Brador said...

Happy Bustember Freda! That spider is scary. Did you see the documentary on spiders that I posted last month? You might find it educational ... the perfect Bustember type activity, since everyone else is going back to school. Check it out:

Freda said...

A greats cause, Cleos. We've got to gets more peeps involved all overs.

GG, sometimes I feel likes it but I'm just an olds terrier shep mix.

Hey Sophies, what a greats vid. Always knew you gals and guys up there were a little differents. Arf! Arf!



HHHHarry said...

Wow!!!!!!, that's some big speeder Freda (didn't know old H was a poet did you;)). Thanks for posting it, my mum's run away from my PC now LOL

Johann The Dog said...

Wow, that some speeder! And he's fast and rich now, BOL!!!! Woofs, Johann

Pacco de Mongrel said...

dat spidey looks scary

Freda said...

Hey Hx4, Johanns and Paccos,

Thanks for sniffin' arounds. I want to keep one of those speeders as a pets but ∆≈ sez no. What does he knows! I think it would be funs, but not those big black shinys 1,2 1,2 ones with the red bellys.