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23 August 2007


Every days that Dad drives into town, he passes this place...

Just keep on truckin's... Don't even thinks about it...

He hasn't stopped yet, AND HE BETTER NOTS! And I'm monitorin' all his farbarker calls. They probably have a big ethers site, too.

And I should bark Happys Barkday to Bloggers today, since they do sponsor a lots of K 1,2 1,2 9s and peeps.



Charlie said...

Oh, doG, is THAT where they all come from!?
- Charlie

Freda said...

Hey Charlies,

I guess, but it's prettys mean to keep 'em in those metal boxes, especiallys durin' these hots lights.

If I were a C-a-t, NOTS!!, I'd have to start a movement of some kinds. Oops, time for walkies. Arf! Arf!



Sophie Brador said...

Cat rentals! Oh my dog I can hardly even believe it. But there are several down the street that I would be happy to rent out to anyone who needs them.

Goofy said...


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Cats are for rent????

~ Girl girl

Freda said...


Know what you means about the c-a-t-s down the streets.

Sophies, Goofys and GG,

Yes, actuallys they do rent c-a-t-s and K1,2 1,2 9s to peeps who don't have enough times. Don't know about hamsterriers, GG. See (This article may be availables for just a short times.) I don't think I'd likes that. Some peeps say it's good. Anypeeps ask us?



Murphey said...

We don't need to rent no stinking cats, we have a lot in our neighborhood, I'd rent some of them out if I thought anyone wanted any!


Freda said...

Hey Murphs,

I'm luckys. My hood only has 1,2 1,2 two c-a-t-s. The rest must be rented outs. Yeahs!
C-a-t-s! What are they goods for... HUH! Barked to 'War'.



Holly said...

Wonder if they would let us rent one to chase around?


Freda said...

Hey Hollys,

You're the renter. Wonders if you can rent to own? Now why did I bark that?



Jackson said...

Hey Freda, why would ANYONE want to rent a cat? It's beyond me. Dogs are SOOOOOOO much cooler. J x

Ivy said...

maybe the cat rental thing is just a trick to get rid of cats. you think you are renting one for the weekend just to chase around and stuff and then wen you try to return the cat the rental place says nope that isnt our cat! you cant return him here! and then you *gasp* and say oh my dogness! now i haf a cat forever!

i bet it is some trickery like that. if there is cats involved there has to be trickery!

Scrappy and Pebbles said...

ROFL that is too funny.

Pacco de Mongrel said...

i think we need 1 too...juz 2 help catch some mice

Haley the Fabulous Ball-loving Black Lab said...

Holy smajolies. That is so weird! It's just ads to the mystery of cats. Such strange smelling creatures. They are so intriguing to me! They give me the feeling I think my sidekick gets when she's standing on a bridge and feels excited and whoozie at the same time. That's how cats make me feel. Just sayin'. :)Haley

Freda said...

Hey Jacks, Ivys, Scraps, Pebbles, Paccos and Haleys,

I wonders too if those sneakys c-a-t-s are tryin' to trick us. They give us funs in the chase, help catch mouses and give our sniffers practice. But maybe they are rentin' bunnys dressed like c-a-t-s. If our peeps rented 1,2 1,2 two then we might NEVERS get rid of those wraskley wabitts. A plot to over runs dog homes with bunnies!