My human has only one twos, one twos (twos) legs, doesn't think like us and he has been called weirds. I like that in a familys man. He is stubborns like me. He likes his beer dark. He could be called an Eclectic Peeps. Most of all, he loves me and I like that. DeltaBunny will journal our lives togethers in the small Delta town of Rio Vista, California.

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18 August 2007


(This was supposed to be posted last dark, the 1,2 1,2 16th, but the Twitter k-i-t-t-e-n was sleepin' and my magic typer lost its magics. Hopefullys, it will be put into the big ethers now.) And then it was supposed to be posted last dark, the 1,2 1,2 17th, but our big ether went out on us. My sec, ∆≈, just found outs. What a BIG dummys!! So maybes it will be posted tonight.

If you've been followin' my barks at my DeltaBunny Twitter you'd knows that they are gonna build a new bridge over Watson Hollow. Dad got a photos of the old bridge the other days...

Well... Earlier this light we had a littles fire and I DIDN'T GETS TO GO! Dad said I could see the aftermaths. I certainly could smell the durin'maths...

Part of Watson Hollow and the goat pastures went up in smokes...

The fires guys were there to put it outs reeeallys fast...

Kindas. The air was movin' reeeallys fast and little fires were springin' ups here and theres...

I think it was the peeps runnin' that big yellow thingy, or other thingys, tearin' down the old bridge that started the fires. There was a sparks OR a peeps was smokin' somethings. Just a theorys on mine.

It sure looks differents...

Luckilys the goats were put in their corrals and were kept safes. My dummys dads forgot the marshmallows! Can you believes it?!!



Katherine and Pippa, said...

Those peeps need to be so careful with those fires they put in their mouths don't they?

Specially in summer with everything so dry.

We have lots of fire here, but not usually down teh coast.

Catchya later Fredas


Holly said...

Stupid humans! Why do they do such things! I'm glad the goats were safe. They make good cheese.

I'm also glad the fire got put out. That could be very dangerous!


Freda said...

Hey Pippas,

My peeps know that the Iberians peninsula has had lots of drys and fires the last several years. Fires are very dangerous.


Yes, Save the CHEESE!!



Pacco de Mongrel said...

OMG!! smokes everywhere....AIR pollution...

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh the fire looks scary.. Hope your air isn't stinky now.

~ Girl girl

Sparky said...

I'm glad everyone was safe! That's a lot of smoke. I don't like fires, unless they're in a fireplace.


HHHHarry said...

Hey Freda,
Your dad was right not to take you to see the fires, they are nasty dangerous things. I'm glad your goats are safe.
My mum loves the way you write about everything you make it sound really really exciting where you live.