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11 August 2007


I saw this storys about double-nosed dogs and got dad off his lazy butts to help me bark this. It's soo cooools!

BBC NEWS | UK | Double-nosed dog not to be sniffed at...

Xingu (BBC Photo)

Bella, Xingu's mum. (BBC Photo)

I wonder it everythings smells twice as good.

Then I saw this storys, BBC NEWS | Europe | Spain burns fields to kill voles...

You wrascallys wabbit vole. (BBC Photo)

And thought I could go see Pippas, Verdis and Gauchos and then we could go and help the farmers get rid to all those voles in España.



Katherine and Pippa, said...

We think that dog story is so good. Imagine going down the street, you could smell cats on the left and those on the right at the same time.

But which way to run??? :(

Now if you come to Spain we will need to organise na expedition because these voles are in central Spain to the north of me. Perhaps master could take us in the Landy. And I haven't seen 1,2 1,2 any ever, so you will have to be chief vole spotter.


Holly said...

What a strange looking little doggie! I bet things sure smell way better to him!

I would like to go to Spain to help with the voles too! They are quite tasty, and it is a waste to burn them!


Gaucho and Verdi said...

ei Freda.. when will go to the expeditions ¿¿???
We have to organize. Though is hearing that now they using to burn dry fields to kill the plague... It will not be dangerous???
i don`t know.. ufffffff

Charlie said...

Sounds like an exciting expedition -- going to Spain to catch all those little volemorts. Maybe you should take Xingu and Bella so they can help smell them out!!
- Li'l Charlie

Ivy said...

woo hoo! i want to sign up for the vole hunt too! wen are we leavin?

Pacco de Mongrel said...

double nose?

tat's weird...another faulty genetic prob


Hi from Abby and Holly. Momm boo-booed on your guestbook. She put Abby as coming from Milton Keynes instead of Redditch (just like a human - never listens to what we tell her). Apart from that it is very nice to meet you and we would love to be added to your list of pals.Sorry Mom was a bit slow getting back to you but she answered you on OUR blogsite (how daft can you get??

Love and licks
Abby and Holly

Bernard Hinault Lilje said...

what an interesting story-- guess we will never stop being amazed at how nature evolves.


Jackson said...

He looks supercool! I wonder if he suffers from sensory overload? I have trouble enough with only one nose! J x

Sharon said...

Snickers was so happy to see that there are other dogs out there that look a little different from the usual sort. She doesn't feel so different now just cuz she has three legs. She thinks she can run and jump better than the three legged sort cuz she knows better ways to do it.
Snickers and Sharon

Freda said...

Hey Everydogs,

I wonder if Bella and Xingu would make good drug dogs or maybes lost peeps dogs.

Dads was thinkin' of charterin' the QE 1,2 1,2 2 or the Queens Mary 1,2 1,2 2 to sails all the dogs over to Spains to hunt voles, but he learned that the liners were not availables. Too bad. It would have been a funs trip.

Hey Snickers,

With only 1,2 1,2 three legs, you're still much more agiles than my sec. Remembers, he tripped over my new bed. The big dummys!