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01 August 2007


I flipped over the cooools Dogs With Blogs calendar and there was Floss. Neatos!

The hot dog days of Flosstobers have begun.

While I was gone several things have happened. 1,2 1,2 One, we got some more tiles...



They took out all my nice carpets where I nap. Okays, I'll move.

Mum says that things will be easier to cleans.

Then our firstest California hibiscus bloomed...

1,2 1,2 One of Dad's favs...

Then while Tules was here we got some Frosty Paws to cooools off. When she left, she forgot hers. Hee hee.

Hmm... Frosty Paws or Pinot Grigio?
That is the question. RIGHTS!

To top it all offs, my secretarys said the c-a-t dropped the mouse and broke it...

We don't have a c-a-t.

So now we have a crippled mouse. THANKS, DAD!!! Sometimes it works and sometimes Dad speaks French. It can take a long, long times to get things done. THANKS, DAD!!! YA BIG DUMMYS!!!



Katherine and Pippa, said...

Hey Freda - you're back!.

(How are you back without a mouse?) Not keyboard controls????

Now, does your mum know that those beautiful tiles will have Freda furs floating all overs????

Sometimes carpets are easier, although not when you vomit of course.

Easiers to vacuums I mean.

Mistress loves hibiscus. We have red ones. Master forgets to water the garden sometimes and she struggles with her poorly hand. I think he is trying to kill them off. (The flowers not her hand)

Why is it Flosstober? And not Flossgust? Or even Flosstember? But nice piccy anyway of Floss - who is not blogging very much right now:(.

Catch yas


Katherine and Pippa, said...

PS Mistress wants me to say that those tiles look excellent and with some really neat grouting (uh?).

And I should have said tiles are so cools to lie on in the warm weather.


Sparky said...

Poor mouse. I hope it gets mixed soon.

Mmm, frosty paws! Thanks for reminding me, I'm gonna go get Lizzy to make me more.


Holly said...

What lovely new tile! I would like that cuz it would be nice and cool to lay on!

Bummer your mouse is broken. Guess your dad will need to go to the pet store and pick out a new one.


Splash said...

Hey Freda, stay cool and eat up them Frosty's, it's HOT out there. Oh, wait you are in the Delta so you have some breezy thingie, right? We have it too, but it's mostly worn out by the time it gets to our house. Mom calls it the Delta Wheeze.

Jackson said...

Hey pal, nice tiles! We had an hibiscus in our garden until J1 managed to half kill it. It's got leaves but no flowers this year. It looks very sad. J x

Simba said...

those tiles appeared quickly.

Simba x

Cubby said...

Lots of news! Pretty tile, pretty flower, broken mousey.

Sorry about your nappy place!

FleasGang said...

Wow! It looks like those tiles magically appeared. Just think how cool they'll feel on your belly :-)

And that's a beautiful habiscus. Dad said to tell you that he's a dummy too 'cause he seems to have deleted his picture of our red hot pokers that he was gonna show you :-(

Happy Friday!
The FleasGang

Floss & Jez said...

hehehhes *wooofs* :)


Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Hey gorgeous Freda,

love the pic of you nappin' with your Dad on his barkday!

Nice hibiscus.

As for the mouse, pah. Broken or now, our secretaries need to find better reasons for blogposting delays.

Mine is a case in point. No bloggin' (hardly) during July. Huh.

I'm a bit more optimistic for Flosstember.

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

Sophie Brador said...

HEY Freda! I'm so relieved you are back. If you get the chance, HELP!!!!!

p.s. pretty flower.

p.p.s. HELP!

Sharon said...

Did I hear you have a crippled mouse? Don't worry, Super Rat Terrior, Snickers will take care of that little problem!
Snickers and Sharon

Charlie said...

So far, Flosstober up here is pretty cool, but if you get some hot weather there those tiles will feel great!
- Charlie

Ivy said...

oh my dogness! so now i know who to blame for all the hot days here in my back yard. thanks flossy!

i dont mind hot days if there are frosty paws to be had! you are so lucky freda.

those tiles are nice and cool to lay on but you need to tell your peepol to get you some dog rugs to put on top of the slickery tiles so you haf sum solid ground to stand on and your feets dont go four different directions at once!

Günter said...

Hi Freda,

nice tiles!!! Actually, they are almost identical to the ones we have in our basement. When it's hot (yes it does get hot in Norway also...), these tiles are perfect to lay on. Good to see that there are other DWB families having house projects. My folks are crazy - when they have finished one project, they just start with another one.......



Katherine and Pippa, said...

we just use Dashboard widgets for temperature

don't know how accurates it is but its an idea

mistress has malaga and gibraltar, gibraltar keyed in

it works for gib but you needs to be persistent (she is) - 22 in gib now allegedly (earlier high of 33) and 31 in malaga (high of 36)

that must be why she is hot and sticky - she is there and I am here - or vice versa

she has a load of clocks too so she knows when you guys are sleepins

that's cos she can't carry clocks in her head...


PS get posting - what is with your secretary? is he ok?

Freda said...

Hey Pippas and Kats,

Thanks. My sec. is feelin' betters now. But he's sleepys.

Mum loves the tiles coz it doesn't take so manys muskels to push the hoover. I like 'em coz I have more places to play Kit C-a-t Vole. Arf! Arf!

I guess I'm weirds. I like to lie on our cooools wood floor but not the tiles when I'm hots. Hmmm...

I helped Dads with the hots and colds widget thingys. Now he can √ places all overs.

Dad's fallin' asleeps. Gotta finish laters.



HHHHarry said...

Hi Freda,
You tiles look cool, do you slip about on them, My feet don't go where I want them to go when I walk on a shiny surface.

Freda said...

Thanks Everydog,

The mouse has been workin' fines for the most parts. The hibiscus are abouts through bloomin' and I don't use the tiles. Just don't like 'em. Mum does though, coz it a lot easiers to hoover up my little lost hairs.

Tryin' to catch ups with things but ∆≈ insists on tryin' to scratch arounds with his paints.

Livin' with him is makin' me olders, but I'm younger than that now. From....?