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01 July 2007


The darks are gettin' longer and the lights are gettin' shorter. That means it must be Fleasuary.

I think I'll joins you...

Can't believe it, summer's almost half overs. Well, Fleasuary brings the big noises and colored lights that helps my secretary celebrate his stop workin' day, 1,2 1,2 3 Fleasuary, 1,2, 1,2 2003. Then on 1,2 1,2 10 Fleasuary, we headed the wagons west and began our march to the left coasts. So Fleasuary is a big time for us.

Okay! Okay! My secretary wants me to bark that it will be his hatchin' day this month, too. Soooo....?

With the Fleasgang featured on the calendar, an animals theme appears to be presentin' itself...

One of our neighbor's trees was chosen by a pair of hummers as the location for their new homes. They raised 1,2 1,2 one puppy hummer. Since my secretary didn't want to disturb them too earlys, we don't have any spy pics of the puppy as an egg and stuffs. But just before the littles hummer fledged, I took a spy pic.

Okay, kid. I think it's time for you to make your poor mum
1,2 1,2 one of those empty nester thingys...

Then several lights later, we were out in the gardens near our twinberry honeysuckle. The big hummer started to buzz us. We soon saw its puppy waitin' for breakie. We grabbed the spy cam and shot took a spy pic. Cooools!

Breakies time....

UMMM...That tastmmm..mmm... goo....

Then and there I decided it was times to go in and get a treat.

If you have been followin' my exploits in my Twitter box, you know that Mum found a baby vampire on me several days agos. YIIIIIKES!! Well, big hunter Dad wrestled with it for, oh, 1,2 1,2 ten seconds and subdued it with an oaken stake he keeps just in case.

The infamous baby vampires, Count Tickula...

To celebrates, we grabbed some alcohol and let the little vampires swim in it.

Ooooh! Expensive amber jewelrys? Don't show Mum...

I know we're suppose to change our way of thinkin's but if I get sicks we will need to ID the perp.

Hope everydog has a quiet Celebrate Dad's Quit Workin' Day day.



Holly said...

Ick! Those baby vampires are nasty! Mom gives us Frontline Plus to keep them away. Why was some good amber alcohol for one of those!!


Charlie said...

We have hummers but have never seen puppy hummers, only crow puppies! How cool!! Those are such great spy pics, Freda!!!

Happy Quit Workin' Day! Mom's is in October, but we'll celebrate now with you, too. She can't believe you moved a week later - we waited 2 and almost fried ourselves, it was so much work!
- Charlie

Simba said...

Nasty buggy things, kill it.

Simba xx

FleasGang said...

Hey Delta Bunny! You can come over and have a snooze with us any time you wish :-).

It must be vampire season 'cause Tad's mamma may have found one sucking at his little forehead! Ouchy!!

Baby hummers are fun to watch. And even more fun to chase :-)

Happy fourth if you don't "see" you before then

The Fleasuary Gang

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Hi Freda

Your vampires look different to mine - but they are 1,2 1,2 all vampires.

Congrats on Happy Quit Workin' Day to your secretary.

Mistress managed it in 1,2 1,2 1,2 so manys 2001 - so she might have to go back soon - ish.


Ivy said...

hey hey freda! your puppy hummer neighbor is reelly cool! you will haf to keep the evil skwerrels away from theyr home to keep em safe.

i hate those evil tick monsters and so does my randy but we both thought that makin it swim in alcohol wuz a little extreme!