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03 July 2007


My dummys secretary has not lived up to our contract. He said he would use his magic typer to the benefits of MY blog. LIARS! LIARS! PANTS ON FIRES! He runs off to paints (He calls it paintin'.) He drives off on road trips WITHOUTS ME! He sleeps. He eats and drinks. He goes shoppin'. To the human vet. Watches movin' pictures. (Which I have to read to him!) Etc, etc, etc...

I want to catch ups on all my barkin's and he won't let me. MEANYS! So I am askin' helps from my buddies to find 1,2 1,2 three of my buddies who signed my guestsbook. My dummys typist says he can't find their barkin' places. And he SAYS that he has spent a lot of times lookin'. HA, HA!!

If you sniff in my guestsbook you'll see Holly from Saint Louis, MO, Macklin from Boulder, CO and Tippy from Laporte, IN. Does anydog know where they bark? I think there is an easy ways to find them but since my typist is not livin' ups to his part of our contract I think I'll let him keep lookin' his way and I'll ask for helps from my buddies.

I'd appreciates any infos. Thanks. And thanks for all your barks and wuuffs. I'm tryin' to get to them alls but with a secretary like mine...



Sherry said...

Hey Freda, I don't know those dogs. sorry I can't help you out with that one. But I do hear that if you withhold snuggles from your secretary, that will sometimes straighten them up.

Sophie Brador

Charlie said...

Hi Freda! Here's Tippy:

Happy 4th!
- Charlie

Sparky said...

Sorry I can't help you, I don't know who they are. I hope you'll figure it out soon!


Freda said...

Hey Sophies,

Thanks for the suggestion. Got to do a Devo and whip 'im in to shapes. What shapes I don't know yet.

Hey Charlies,

Thanks for the TIP.

And Sparkys,

1,2 1,2 one downs and 1,2 1,2 two to go. Neatos! A new buddys?

Alls have a great 1,2 1,2 4ths and keep cooools! Only 1,2 1,2 103° here.



Sharon said...

Hi Freda,
Isn't it fun having a mystery to solve? With all your friends helping, you'll have it solved in no time!
Snickers and Sharon

Girl Girl Hamster said...

I hope you manage to find your new friends barking place

~ girl girl

Holly said...

Hey Freda, Holly here. I'm actually from Omaha Nebraska, not St. Louis MO. Not sure how I ended up there on your guestbook!


Freda said...

Hey Snicks and Sharons,

My dad LOVES mysteries. He's still lookin' arounds and he needs ALL the helps he can get. Thanks.

Hey Girl Girl,

Thanks. It's funs sniffin' around the big ether tryin' to find the mysterys guests.

Hey Hollys #1,2 1,2 One,

I barked your place about Holly #1,2 1,2 Two. Weirds!



Pippin, the Gentle Pup said...

Don't know those pups, Freda, but I'll keep an ear twisted to the wind and let you know if I hear.

My twitter was broken, but we fixed it, so I won't be sleeping anymore--unless the thumbs don't get shared. that happens too sometimes.

Why don't more dogs twitter, do you think?

See ya

Freda said...

Hey Pips,

Thanks for the use of your ears.

Yeah, Twitter is cooools. Don't know whys more dogs don't twitter. Maybe they think it's for the birds. Arf! Arf! I'm gettin' more friends littles by littles.

It was onlys 1,2 1,2 108° here today. Now it's 1,2 1,2 100°. I think my hots is goin' to be your hots soon. Save all your Frosty Paws, ice cubes and stuffs.