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07 March 2007


Had to post this before I start sniffin' arounds some places.

Earthcrack repair?

Either there was a reeeallys big earthcrack or someone's plantin' somethin' very strange.



Ebbi said...

Hi Freda, maybe the earthcrack is someone building a pool for you? I've just been in my pool again and now I'm going to have a Lovely Bone. We always have a Lovely Bone after we swim.
Over and Out

Simba said...

Maybe CSI are digging it up like they do on the telly. Maybe I watch too much telly?

Simba xx

Murphey said...

Wow, peeps are so strange, they dig holes for a reason, while we just....dig holes!

Murph the Diggin' Dog

Charlie said...

Maybe they need some help on that hole!
- Charlie

Fu Fu said...

Freda, did you find out why that hole is there?

~ fufu

Holly said...

Looks like a hole a Malamute like me, or even a Siberian would dig!


Freda said...

Hey Ebbi, Simba, Murphs, Charlie, Fu Fu and Hollys,

It sure looks like the beginnin's of a pool and I could reeeallys use the help of the CSI gangs. But I think somethin' more sinisters is goin' on.

I will keep diggin' and post somethin' soon.

Wuufs to alls!

Freda (Ƨ)