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08 March 2007


Remembers several weeks ago I was teachin' Mom how to knit...

No, no, no! Lick one twos one twos...Curls one twos...

Well, she then remembered how to crochet and now she's crochetin' hats for the men and women in the militarys. She found a great site, The Ships Project, where she is now gonna send hats that she is makin'. The sad part is that she is usin' Dad's head as a model, so a lot of militarys are gonna get some weirds lookin' and fittin' hats. The project can use other stuffs like slippers, too.

No matters how one feels about the situation, our troops do need our helps. Hope some of your humans can help, if they aren't aleadys.



Chelsea said...

Your mom is one of the smarter humans.
Knitting hats for the military is such a wonderful idea!


Pacco de Mongrel said...

i think very soon ur mum can knit a jumper for u...

Fu Fu said...

Hey Freda, you teach your mum to knit. What a clever doggie and so nice of your mum to help knit those stuff.

~ fufu

Simba said...

You and your Mummy are soo clever and kind.

Simba xx

Bruce the Bird Dog said...

We sent Girl Scout cookies to the troops!! Over here, you can buy cookies from the cute little girls in the uniforms and then give them right back and they send them to the big cat box in the far far away! A handmade hat is probably a nicer gift though, comes with love.

Dory and Liza said...

Freda -

Thanks for the information on the "Ships" link. When my mom was laid up she taughter herself to crochet and she loves to knit - she is very excited to knit with a purpose. Also we loved your map slide show!! Very cool!

Dory and her human Liza

Sweets-littlebigman said...

Wow, Freda, you are sooo smart to teach your Mom to knit. I think it's a great idea to knit hats for the people in the military. I bet they are going to appreciate it sooo much. I hear it can get cold at night there. It's kind to send your love and thoughts to those people.

Sharon said...

Hey Freda,
We made some quilts for the military. Good stuff. I it makes 'em feel loved. Good job.

Ivy said...

wowie freda! your mom is such a nice crocheter! my lindsay likes to knit stuff too. i dont like it cuz it keeps her pettin hands busy for waaay too long.

Sophie Brador said...

Hey Freda, That's very nice of your mom. I had a funny thought though -- once she's done crocheting the hats and slippers, she should move into underwear. I fact, I bet she could start a whole new fashion trend. Crocheted undies!

Cubby said...

Cool! My Gram is making coller offer things for the soldiers...

Freda said...

Hey Everydog and their Peepls,

We're glad that we got more peepls involved in this worthy project and we're glads that others are doin' other stuffs too. That's soo cooools! Quilts, cookies, coolers and stuffs.

I don't think I could do the cookie thing, cuz I would eat all the cookies. I'll tells my Mom about the undies thing. Who wants to be the first to try a pairs?

You noticed that I taught my MOM to knits. It would be a lost cause with my Dad.

Thanks again for the suggestions and helpin' paws.


Freda (Ƨ)