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03 March 2007


Well, as I barked earliers, it been very busy lately. Dad got the lights up with a little helps from the EU. Then Mom said that our old magic reader maker was makin' some weird noises. Well, Dad didn't have any stuffs to fix it so Mom and Dad spent MORE of MY treat monies and we now have a new magic reader maker.

It's soooo quiets. I think it works kinda like a
lights saber or somethin'.

Luckily, Rio Vista is gonna have an E-Watse pickup this weekends, so we can get rid of that old clunkys
magic reader maker. And dog, has Mom has been makin' it hum a lots, lookin' for MORE stuff to buy with MY treat monies.

Mom told Dad that we needed a new cold treat/food box and a new food bowl cleanin' box. So Mom looked and looked and found Fresh Pickle Fisher & Paykel boxes from Kiwiland. So soon we will have new stuffs in the food room. But no new treats!!

Then, (I'm gettin' reeeeallys tired of 'THEN') my typist-cum-artist (maybe arse, ARF! ARF!) had to do some stuffs to his paintin' for art class.

Hey, you missed a spot...

And he's got to manage all the podcasts he subscribes to. Big dummys!!

(Come on Dad! I've got troubles right here in River City... My blog is bogged down.) Hey!!! I'm not gonna bark it, no longer beta Bloggers anymores, I'm gonna bark it 'now beta Boggers' cuz it still BOGS DOWN!!! Yes!

Then Well, Dad finally got around to lookin' into now beta Boggers. Well, things are a little betters now. Makin' like a mystery hunter guy, Dad looked at the problem we had a whiles back. He thought and thoughts. (Kinda skardy isn't it.) While Tule and her humans were visitin', they used their Apple Airport thingy and we had problems with nbb. After they left with their Airport, our problems went away for some parts. This did not happens with the first Bloggers, the good one. So now beta Boggers has a problems Apple Airports. Hmmm... AND their 'Edit Html' function does not functions properly. I edit and then 'nbb' rewrites it and screws it up. Nbb is stupids!!!! I've givens up and am gonna post it as is. Mistakes and alls. Stupids!!!



Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Oh Freda, we're sorry to hear that you're having trouble with Blogger - hope you and your humans will sort it out quick.

Take care!

Freda said...

Hey Mark, Cream and Pete,

Thanks. My typist is learnin' to switch betweens Safari and Firefox to get things done on now beta Boggers. And thanks for puttin' the Guestbook thingy on your place. As you can sees, I put it on mine too. It's reeeallys cooools! Thanks, again.

I am verrry slowlys gonna redo my place. For the betters or worse, I don't know.


Freda (Ƨ)

Bruce the Bird Dog said...

At least you can barks to your friends now! I always love listening to the music on your bloggy.

Freda said...

Hey Bruce,

Thanks for droppin' in. There still are some issues, but littles by littles I can bark.

I've got to change my musics soon. It' been a long time. Glad you like the tunes.


Freda (Ƨ)

Fu Fu said...

Hey Freda, I hope blogger behaves itself for you now. They used your treats monies to buy stuff?? No fair..

~ fufu

Simba said...

blogger has a mind of its own. Hope you get it sorted.

Simba xx

Cleopatra said...

Hey Freda,

Know what you mean... Blogger woes! Even I have it and my blog is nowhere as complicated as yours!

Hang in there... for what it's worth the blog looks great and we can't even tell that you're having problems!


Sophie Brador said...

Hey Freda,
Do you help your dad paint? I used to know an elephant who painted. Well, not personally, but I knew OF an elephant who painting. Surely if an elephant can paint, you can. And you're better looking than an elephant too. Besides, you have an artist's name!

Sweets-littlebigman said...

Too bad, all the problems you are having with Blogger. Your blog is super cool with all of the neat things you have going on. I am going to add myself (with the help of Mom) to your map. What a great idea! Anyway, good luck with Blogger and getting everything to work the way you want it to. I, too, like the music you have playing.


Ivy said...

hey hey freda! i like your music too! it makes me feel like eating a cookie. well... maybe i just like eating cookies. but the music is good too.

can your magic reader make more treats?

Holly said...

In the words of my good friend Turbo, Blogger is Stupid!

Good luck!


Charlie said...

At least the new stuff will keep your treats cold and your dishes clean (although a dirty dish is an interesting dish as far as I'm concerned). Maybe you need to put your Airport in the cleaner?

- Chuck

p.s. Our mixed-network Airport seems to work fine w/ Blogger, but we don't do very complex things.

Casey said...

Sorry for posting in your comments section but I couldn't find an email address. Can you contact me via email? It's about your blog being listed on our site.

Again, sorry if leaving this message here is annoying.

Freda said...

Hey Fu Fu, Simba, Cleo, Holly and Charlie,

Thanks for your barks abouts nbb. Sometimes it's stupids and sometimes my typist is stupids. When they get stupid at the same times, WOW!!

Charlie, I still think there may be a prob with the Airport thingy, but maybe I've put too manys cutesy thingys on my blog...But it sooo much funs. But I should be careful and not cause my buds probs with slow loadin'. Anyones have a problem loadin' my blog?

Hey Sophies,

I critique and suggest palettes and subjects. Other than that I stay away from my Dad's work. If I gets too involved, he begins cuttin' up the papers and grabbin' his ear and babblin' about a Vincents or somethin'.

Hey Sweets and Ivy,

Thanks for the barks on the musics. Gotta change it soon. 'Musics to eat cookies by...' Cooools! A little mood musics, Maestro!

Hey Caseys,

Thought you were goin' phishin'. Sorrys. Will sniff around your place soons. I always bark my secretary to be carefuls.

Wuufs to alls!

Freda (Ƨ)