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02 February 2007


Last month was a reals cat for my barkin' and stuffs. Mom and Dad stole took my spy camera when they went on their many trips and I HAD TO STAY AT K CAMPS!!! I didn't get to take timely photos of the last Christmas cards I received. So, now, here are my last Christmas cards...

My last Christmas cards. Thank you everydog and humans...
It was lots of funs.

I went to the no longer beta Bloggers the other darks and things seem okays so far. (Well NOW we're havin troubles.) Here is my comment from my last barkin':

I switched to the no longer beta Bloggers and what do I get?... a bunch of poop. What are all these 'anonymous said's? Where are my buddies' photos? THANKS BLOGGERS/GOOGLES!!! Don't likes your search engine and now I don't like your 'Bloggers'!!!


So is my bark gonna show up as an 'anonymous'? I know I have to help my secretary tweak things but the point is, I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO!!!!!!!!!!!
Okays, I'm Freda, but where's my bloodys picture???!!!!! I smell a pasture full of bulls.

Now I have to teach my typist how to use all the good stuffs it says it has. That will take some time. *Groooooann* (There is a bunch of neato stuffs, but why do I have to redo so much? Guess I'll learn new stuff.)

Dad is in another artsy 'Was that you, Freda?' class. He's got to work on a paintings when he should be typin' my barkin's. That's a bunch of cats.

Dad did finish the poster he was workin' on though. Here is a shot of part of the poster...

Dad's self-portrait...Arf! Arf!

Yippies! They finallys got here. Our DeltaBunny geocatchin' cards. Now we have somethin' neatos to leave in the caches we find.

These are neato! Our own littles DeltaBunny. Cooools!

Compared to a quarters, and that's how much they each cost.

Sunday I get to stay home alones and watch the big game (GO BEARS!!!), cuz Mom and Dad are goin' to the big city to watch the big floatin' box, Queen Marys 2, float under the Golden Gate. (SAN FRANCISCO / Majesty of ocean liner Queen Mary 2 will be on display at Pier 27) They will be on a floatin' box too (
Hornblower Cruises), drinkin' and eatin'. Bet I don't get a doggie bags.

Well, here goes. My first no longer beta barkin'. Hope you can reads it. I'll throw in some labels for funs.


Turbo the Sibe said...

Wooo! Freda's back! Freda's back!!!!

Charlie said...

Oh horrors, how can it be!!? Go Bears?!! No, nooo, it's go COLTS!! That's the Indiana team!
- (formerly) Indiana Charlie

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Hey Freda,

I can read ya, beee-itch.

Those mini-cards look cool. What they for?

Chow for now,

Tin Tin (who has to lose 5 kilos, pah!) xo

Freda said...

Hey Tubey,

I may be back but my secretary is still tryin' to catch up with this new Bloggers thingy. Poor guy. Thanks.


Hey Charlie,

My dad's dad is from Cicero, so it's da Bears all da way. Wish they would do the 'Shuffle' again. That was so cooools! And we need to load up the 'Fridge'. I like the Manning Sprint advert. Neatos.


Freda said...

Hey Tin Tin,

The mini-cards are for geocatchin's. When we find a cache we sign the log leave somethin' behind. A pic of a reeeeals delta bunny is our leaver behinders. Check out ( It could help you lose a kilo.



Amanda Lee Jia Hui said...

hey...i saw my card there....

anyway, we dun mean to b late...heheh

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey Freda,

My mum and dad are going to see the QM2, and the QE2 on Feb 20th - they are gonna be in Sydney harbour both at the same time - will be really cools :-)

BTW - better go and see Charlie's blog, he wants you to be his valentine :-)


Simba said...

Christmas seems like soooo long ago. Glad ya back'

Simba xx

IndyPindy said...

Hey Freda,
I think you have to go reset your preferences when you upgrade it. I had to do that too. I haven't had too many problems, but Blogger is still down a lot.

Holly said...

It takes a while to get use to the new blogger, but you will.

Personally (as I'm sure Turbo would agree) it's still stupid.


Freda said...

Hey Indy and Holly,

It's gettin' better littles by littles, but I don't like the idea of lettin's Mr. Andymouse post comments in secrets.



Freda said...

Pacco and Amanda,

Your card got here on times. It's me who is late.
Thank you very much.



Freda said...

Hey Simba,


If Christmas seems so long ago, then maybe it is not that fars way.



Freda said...

Hey Opy,

Is it Big Red Heart Day alreadys?

Thanks for the heads up.

Happys BRHD to you.



Freda said...

Hey Opy,

Forgot to bark...That's gonna be sooo cooools to see both big floatin' boxes at once. My typist is tryin' to post the movin' pictures he tooks of the QM2 under the Gate. Hope he gets it posted soons.

Are you goin'?