My human has only one twos, one twos (twos) legs, doesn't think like us and he has been called weirds. I like that in a familys man. He is stubborns like me. He likes his beer dark. He could be called an Eclectic Peeps. Most of all, he loves me and I like that. DeltaBunny will journal our lives togethers in the small Delta town of Rio Vista, California.

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19 January 2007


Thanks to eveydog for your barks and questions. Hope to get to them as soon as possibles.

Whew! Tried bloggin' last night but Googler's servers were downs. Great! I've been gone most of the month and I couldn't bark. What a bunch of fleas!

Just wanted to note that it was an honors to be nominated as one of the January Awesome Blog Award contestants. There are some cooools blogs to votes for:

Joe Stains


Army of Four Digest.

Good lucks to them all. The votin' ends 20 Jan 07, tomorrows (?), but I don't know if that is USSA or OZ times. The polls may still be opens, so votes now at Awesome Blog Award - January.

It was reeeallys cold here. Our neighbor said he saw a few snowflakes heres, early one mornin'. Mom and Dad saw some in Chula Vista last weekends, just before they went to an outdoor swim meets. BRRRR!!!!

On the ways down, they spent the night at a reeeallys cooools B&B called the Petit Soleil Bed and Breakfast in San Luis Opepto Bismo, or somethin' like that.

Ya gotta stay heres.

It was fun. Kinda European and stuffs.

Neatos patio.

My humans stayed in the Chocolat room...

cuz, as you knows, Dad is a chocolickit.

That nights they went to the Farmers' Market (Every Thursday nights). It happened to be 'Snow Night'. What the....? The farmers brought in one two one two (two) piles of snows and the local puppy humans got to play in it. Dad said there was no yellows snow. So you knows that our kind were not allowed there. Of course, he forgot to take my spy cameras.

They had a reeeeallys good meal at the Big Sky Cafe | analog food for a digital world. Dad had the PORTUGUESE PIRI PIRI ROASTED CHICKEN (The Portuguese Piri-Piri Expedition). He said it was very goods. Okay, if it was that goods, where's mine?

Then they went to Bismo Peach to watch the shark surfin' contest...

Bismo Peach shark bait.

Surfin' shark?...

This months has been reeeeallys messed up. My humans buzzin' all overs and my one two one two (two) trips to K Camp. My head is spinnin' arounds. AND NOW, Tule and her humans are comin' in a couple of hours and now Dad is takin' an art class and workin' on some posters. THEN, he's thinkin' Yeah, right!! about seein' his parents soons. Oh, the dogmanitys!!

Hope to get back to some barkin' soons.


Anonymous said...

Glad you're back safe and sound from K-Camp, Freda! Can you believe this crazy weather?
- Charlie

Anonymous said...

That room would make me hungry, I'd run around licking the walls, Mummy says she would too.

Simba xx

Anonymous said...

An edible room! Was there a Greenie room?

Missed you!

Bussie Kissies

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Will you get to accompany your dad when he visits his parents?

Ivy said...

oooo! i want sum of that piri piri chickie stuff! sounds yummy! why is it that the peepol always keep the best foods for themselves?

i voted for ya in the awesome blog award thingy. it wuz a tuff choice cuz there are so many good dog bloggers to choose from!

im glad you are back from the k camp! did you meet any new friends wile you were there?

Anonymous said...

What fun your mom and dad must have had! I wanna learn to dog-surf someday.

Anonymous said...

Brought in piles of snow?? That must have been fun for the kids! I'm lucky at the moment since it is snow everywhere in Norway at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back Freda--looks like you and the humans had fun.

I'm with Buster, though--was there a rawhide room?

See ya

Anonymous said...

(Bow) wow Freda,

Portugese chicken. Chocolate.

Hope the parents share some o' that yummy stuff. Imagine living in a room called chocolate....oh the pain.

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

Raisa Husky said...

I also wonder why blogger is always down whenever we have time to bark? Well, perhaps it is simply because it is ALWAYS DOWN?!
Mum started to laugh while reading the post... Guess what she was eatning when she read about the chocolate room? ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Freda - Tin Tin took some comet photos & they're really cool! You gotta run over there & see.
- Charlie

Anonymous said...

The Chocolate room looked really cool....mum would have loved staying there!

Loui xx

Anonymous said...

Mom, Evie and I love the chocolate room!! and Mom would particularly like to thank you oppressors for the picture of Captn' Jack...she is crazy for him. She almost had my littlest human brother in the movie theater watching him for the millionth time.


Freda said...

Thanks everydog for the welcomes back. This month has been reeeeallys crazy.

Weird weather...Snow in Chula Vista... Mom's and Dad's garden frozen... A choco room where humans gain weights just by sleepin' there... Arf! Arf! Buster's wish for a Greenies room and Pipin' wish for a rawhide room are cooools!... Why can't I go everywheres with Mom and Dad?... Awesome Blog Award won by Joey and Tanner-CONGRATS!... Thanks for all your votes... Bruce wants to learn to surf and become shark baits... Haulin' in snow to play in... Lots of snows in Norway... Piri Piri chicken dreamin'... Still puttin' off goin' to non-beta Blogger... Cooools 'Blu and Comet' photos from a dietin' (suppose to) Tin Tin... A sniffin' from Londons Loui... And Captn' Jack the cooools pirate...

I bet Mr. Depp is the type of human that would actuallys dress up like his buddy, go to Disneyland, and sign autographs for a few minutes, just to give a thrill to his fans who actuallys saw through the makeups and stuff...

And some geocatchin'...

My humans had or were companys every weekend this month. Their last guest just left todays. They are so tireds. I'm readys to bark but my secretary says I have to answer some more stuffs from previous barks. So I'll dive into those...

Wuufs to alls!

Anonymous said...

That room looks so yummy!!! I wanna stay there too! But mommy says I can't have chocolate. Do they have a bully stick room??


Freda said...

Hey Tobes,

Dad says he didn't see a pizzle room, but I bet it would reeeeallys smell. Did you knows that they were once used to flog bad humans?


Freda said...

I switched to the no longer beta Bloggers and what do I get?... a bunch of poop. What are all these 'anonymous said's? Where are my buddies' photos? THANKS BLOGGERS/GOOGLES!!! Don't likes your search engine and now I don't like your 'Bloggers'!!!


So is my bark gonna show up as an 'anonymous'? I know I have to help my secretary tweak things but the point is, I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO!!!!!!!!!!!
Okays, I'm Freda, but where's my bloodys picture???!!!!! I smell a pasture full of bulls.