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05 February 2007


Mom and Dad left me alone AGAIN and took my spy camera. Can't believe it! But they brought back this movin' picture of a big floatin' box. They were on a smaller box and got to have foods and wines and stuffs. Doggie bag?... NOOOOOO!

My humans joined thousands of others on the water Sunday to welcomes the Queen Mary 2 into San Francisco Bay. They said it was a reeeeals blast.

The floatin' box's captain said it was the largest welcomes he had witnessed so far. It looks like it truly was a grands sight.

I sure hope this post comes out rights.


Simba said...

A really great welcome would have included you! Why do humans have all the fun.

Simba xx

Sam Iam said...

I had my paws crossed when it went under the bridge ..Happy Valentine's Day my lady ..sniff-sniff,
Lot's of Lick's

Freda said...

Hey Simba,

Humans may have funs but who gets to sleep all day? Hee hee. Happy Big Red Heart Day.


Hey Sam,

Thanks for the BRHD wish. Licks to you, toos.

Mum and Dad said it looked reeeeallys close. Whew!



Murphey said...

I'm gettin left behind too, kind of a big bummer, but at least my lady will be home for the Big Red Heart Day. I expect lots of lovin that day.

Murph the Dog