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10 January 2007


Somethin's happenin' here and it ain't exactly clears, or somethin' like that. Ever since my humans have been homes they have been runnin' around like poultry birds with their head cut offs. Now I am goin' back to K Camp tomorrows and the humans are goin' south. It gonna get reeeeallys cold here, one two one two (27) or so...(That's cold for us) and my chicken baby fraidy c-a-t-s don't want to be heres. Actually, they are goin' to visit family south of Sandy Eggo. They are leavin' a day earlys to miss the big cold storm comin' down from Miss Sunshade's place, Charlie's place and others.

Since we didn't get to anything that I wanted to do I barked Dad to at least change the musics and give my readers somethin' to reads. The followin' articles were in the Sunday SF Chronicle. It's scarys for us, if it comes true.

Future is ours: Report looks back at the years leading to 2027

The Great Thirst / Looking ahead to a post-global warming life in California, 60 years hence

Go to (SF Gate) if the links are colds and look for '2027' and 'The Great Thirst'. There's even somethin' about Jack Bauer in the reader.

Hope to see you sometimes next week. (When it's warmers!) Arf! Arf!

Here's a photos of me in case you forget what I looks like...

More fogs...Hey! You! Get off of my clouds!

P.S. If you guys and gals vote for the Awesome Blog Award while I'm at camp, good lucks to Y'all.


Anonymous said...

Whats k- camp???

Simba xx

Freda said...

Hi Simba,

Just a short bark before I leave. K Camp is my names for Sycamore Lane Kennels where I spend most of my holidays when Mom and Dad go on their holidays. NOT FAIRS!!! NOT FAIRS!!! See you next weeks.


Anonymous said...

See you next week, Freda! Give 'em heck at K-camp! We may be cold but we can still get rowdy!
- Charlie

Anonymous said...

p.s. We switched to Blogger Beta & it was ok (although it took awhile to re-tweak the template).

Anonymous said...

Freda, do come back soon ok.

~ fufu

e said...

Send us a postcard!

Anonymous said...


like a fancy name makes it more fun for us to stay, not! Hope it warms up soon.

Murph the Dog

Anonymous said...

Hey Freda.

You have been nominated for "Awesome Blog Award" - head over to the Bone Zone to cast your vote :-)

I hope that Charlie doesn't try and rig the vote !

Anonymous said...

k-camp sounds totally not fairs!! you should get to go to sandy eggo too!!!

Anonymous said...

some back soon :)
tail wags

Anonymous said...

sorry you have to go to camp freda...i went to puppy school for one day...and even though it was a nice school...with a very good reputtion....i hated it ...and mommy and daddy said i never ever have to go to school or camp now..i either stay home with someone that i really really like or i go with them....yey me...but i hope you have a really good time anyhow

Heidi said...

Stay varm at K-Camp and I luv da music!

Anonymous said...

Hello Freda! Pleased to meet you and read your Blog!

My name is Marvin and I discovered you on the Dogs With Blogs Site, we are in competition for the Awesome Blog Award for January!

Good Luck from Marvin is Bonnie Scotland! Hope K Camp was good!


Freda said...

Thanks to alls for the welcome backs... K Camp was cooools! I got to sniff lots of new pee mails and go on nice long walks next to a cherrys orchard... Sometimes I saw ring-necked/ringneck/ring neck pheasants... (Why don't humans spell things the sames?) Zack has sent us all his colds weather...Thanks!!! Hi Marvin. Thanks for sniffin' around. Sorry you didn't wins. We should get an 'oscar' (weiner) anyways... Likes you blog!

I have so gotta catch ups with things!!!

Wuffs to alls!