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08 January 2007


Whoa! On Friday I got back from a quick trip to K Camp. My humans went down to Dizzyland to surprise our nieces' one two one two (seven) puppy humans. Dog, were they surprised! There was a total of one two one two (15) in the party. They got to see Goofy,

Kinda walks and talks like Dad... Arf!Arf!

and Minnie...

Minnie's tail

Dad was happys cuz he got to hang with Pluto. Dad said Pluto hid his disappointment about his demotion very wells.

Dad's fav... Mom, where's his head?

Mom and Dad got to see Captain Sparrow on a rides in a dark hole...

Arrrrrs, Matey! Is he reals?

The reals Capt. Jack Sparrow... Wait a minutes...
How manys Jacks are there?

I'm glads that Dad didn't meet Tigger. THAT could have been a reeeeals donnybrooks.

And of course, I was very appreciative of the souvenir they brought homes for me...

Give me that darn thing!!

Okay Squirt, sooo you wanna play? I'll gives you play...
Oh!... Thanks, Dad.

Last night I had to read another movin' picture for Mom and Dad. We watched The Da Vinci Code. Kinda apropos cuz my humans have started catchin' those geos. Everyone's lookin' for somethin' now.

Hey, I can do this. Just give me a scent and we're offs!
(The perfect books for Dad. A REEEALS idiot!)

And Dad was lookin' for some of those Hidden Mickeys in Dizzylands...

Where arrrre youuuu?

Mickey, Mickey, you're sooo fines! Hey Mickeys!!

I still haven't made the big switch to the 'no longer beta' Blogger. We've had to move plants around cuz of the big freeze acomin', Dad is startin' another paintin' class, workin' on some posters for a little stage production AND they're goin' to Sandy Eggo on Friday. So guess where I'm goin' AGAINS!!!! I don't think this is all very fairs.

Hopefullys I can get to all my buddies' barkin's in the next several days. It's reeeeallys crazys! I'm tired just watchin' them runnin' around. Time for beds.


Anonymous said...

Hey Freda, Dizzylands looks fun. And there's so many cap't Jack Sparrow there. :)
Yeah, glad your dad didn't met tigger

~ fufu

Anonymous said...

Did your humans like the Da vinci code? My Daddy took Mummy to see it and then took her to Paris to see all the places in the film. Mummy wanted Daddy to pretend to be the body in the Lourve, but Daddy wouldn't play.

Simba xx

Anonymous said...

Have fun at camp Freda!

Let me know if that was really Johnny Depp, I hafta tell my Mom if it is!

Bussie Kissies

Anonymous said...

Do you think your mom & dad would let you stay at home if I came over for the weekend?

Anonymous said...

My humans do that geocacheing thing, and will take one of us along once in a while. I think they hope we will actually find the stuff for them, but it's much more fun to just watch them walk around and look for it!


Freda said...

Hi Fu Fu,

Mom and Dad saw one two one twos (three) Capt'n Jacks. He must be magics! Luckilys, no Tiggers.


Freda said...

Hey Simba,

Havin' read the reader, the movin' picture anticlimatics it was and like the reader, a littles long, said my typist. He says Angels and Demons was betters. Should be a good films. My humans wished they lived in Europes somewhere so they could travels and see more of it. The flights over the big waters is gettin' more and mores terrible. It's no funs flighin' anymore.

Too bads about your daddy.


Freda said...

Hey Buster,

Mr. Depps should sneaks in and sign a few scribbles. That would be reeeeallys neato. Wish it were him.


Freda said...

Hey Turbo,

That would be sooo cooools! We could reeeeallys tear down the house. Or is that, raise the roofs?


Freda said...

Hey Holly,

That geo stuffs is now cuttin' into my secretary's typin' time. NOT GOOD! NOT GOOD!! I've gotta hide Dad's GPSr thingy. But it IS funs when I get to go along. They sure look stupids huntin' for those caches, don't they?