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31 December 2006


Dog... it's big....

Well, there it is... The News Year, the Big Ether, the beta Blogger no longer in betas... I'm goin' in and don't know what I'll find. Maybe Hammer's brother, Beau, will be found in theres. Sure hopes so.

I convinced my secretary that it's time to jump to warp speed to beta... Will I come out of that fog?... When?... I don't know. I am the Fog Dog. I've got treats, foods, water... I've had my shots... Backed up my template...

Dad says he's not goin' with me. I knew he'd back out. Chickens human!! Hmmm...No more (F)rench lessons...

Before I go, I want to wish all my buddies and their humans a greats HAPPY NEWS YEAR!!! and hope to see you on the other sides.

Just bark my mantra...Fog Dog... Fog Dog... Fog Dog... and jump...


Ivy said...

ooooo! how skary! i hope you come out of the fog too freda!

i saw that you were nominated for awesome blog award. i just want to let you know that i will vote for you even if you are losted in the ether with beau. it has been nice knowing you!

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for you, too!!!!!!!

I wish the Corn Boys good luck against the reddish brown C-A-T-S today in the Natural Fiber Bowl. Gooooooo Corn Boys!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Freda!
Wishing you a wonderful 2007!

Your pal, Mackie

Anonymous said...

Hi foggie doggie, what did you find?? Did your dad follow you or did he run home..??

Hope that you will have a great 2007 Freda. It's been intresting following your postings.!

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Happy new year.

Simba xxx

Baily said...

Happy New Year!!!!!
i hope 2007 brings you lots of belly rubs.

nose licks

Anonymous said...

It's ok Freda, we took the leap and came out ok. A little confused at times, but still ok!

I finally got my snow for new years! Hope you get everything you want and have a great time doing it!!


Charlie said...

GO, Fog Dog, GO!! We hope you make it!
- Charlie

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the Corns...guess our Humans don't know how to pick 'em.

Anonymous said...

Hi Freda!

Nice to meet you. I hope you have a wonderful New Year yourself.

Ivy said...

freda if you ever come out of your fog you can make up five new years resolushuns and tag five friends.... maybe your first resolushun will be to come out of the fog!

Anonymous said...

Woh, do tell us what you find in that fog. Happy new year to you Freda. :)

~ fufu

Anonymous said...

Freda, I'm sure you will have no problem coming out of the fog!! I believe in you, and since even my mum came out of it eventually, you will have no problemo!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR Fredda and family!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Shannon said...

Hey Freda!
Happy New Year! Hope blogger is treating you well. I never did like fog all that much.

Anonymous said...

Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

happy new year freda!


e said...

Wow so much fog where you are.
I'm voting for you.
Fei & E

Anonymous said...

Just popped in to say Happy New Year and good luck in the blog of the month comp.

Tail wags

Heidi said...

Happy New Years.....:)

Raisa Husky said...

Hi Delta!
Hope your Xmas was great and that 2007 and full of trats and attention from your humans.
We have not managed to jump to beta yet... Tell me if the way is safe, please!

e said...

Hey Freda
You're tagged. Look at my blog for more directions on how to play, okay?

Freda said...

Thanks everydog for your News Years barks. I can't believes that this month is overs and I am just gettin' to this page. We were gone or had companys every weekend plus the one two one twos (two) trips. Dad has art class again and had to finish the poster for the musical. Then there were doctor and tooth fairy appointments.

Thanks for your votes in the DWB AB contest.

Just found out that I was tagged twice by Ivy and e.
Whew! Still a lot to do.

Thanks again.