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31 December 2006

iPOD and GPSr and TREATS, OH MY!

It looks like most of you had a greats Christmas. That's groovys! I sure did.

This is my Christmas story... We drove down to Tule's and spent the darks. She had her cooools retro Christmas tree...NO PEEIN"!!

Pssst! Tule! Our stuff is overs here!

These are our gifts. You got anythings to bark about it?!

Christmas mornin' and the goodies...

A little camo...and maybe I can open mines first..Hee, hee.

MY stash... Don't get too closer

Mom got an iPod from Dad, so she can listen to musics on her walks and doesn't have to listens to Dad, and Dad got a GPSr from everybodys in the family...

No, Dad, it doesn't stand for Great Party Sounds.

He's still tryin' to get musics out of it. Big DUMMY!! I barked it's for geocatchin'. I know this is gonna cause me big griefs.

And the humans got some reeeallys neato chocos from Goblin's mom and dad. (They live in Pencil Vane Yah.) Goblin doesn't have a blog YET. The chocs come from MarieBelle: Fine Chocolates in the big place, News York...

Hey Dad! You can't eat those! There's a dog walkin' some
humans on that blues one two one two (one) on the top.

He said the dog and little humans tasted wonderful. BIG MEANY!!

Saw some disturbin' news on the magic box...

That doesn't make anys sense. Santa's
reindeer have all been good.

Tule was demonstratin' on the reindeer's behalf.

It turns outs that the news creeper on the bottom of the magic box screen was about somethin' else. Well, that's STUPIDS!! Anyway, the reindeer were okays. On Christmas even!

So we had a groovys time.



Anonymous said...

Those are some good looking chocolates your humans have!

Freda said...

Hey Tubey,

Dad said they tasted reeeeallys good. He didn't have to throw anys away. Arf! Arf!