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12 December 2006


Dad is a choco-all-lick. When Mom is bakin', Dad is lickin', the bowls. He won't give me anys!! I was gonna bark a poem about bakin' stuffs but Ivy barked a much betters one. So if you like a good cookies poem, check out Ivy's place. It's cooools!

In the beginnin'...

Dad got all the cookin' stuffs out. Mom asked him to taste test the choco chips. I'll force myself, he said. There were one two one two (two) kinds AND there was a big difference. Checkin' the labels...

Nestle's choco bits have fillers....

Trader Joe's choc bits have liquors in it...

TJ's won paws down.

So I kept a close eye on Mom in the cookin' room...

Sugars and butters and chocolates galore,
Hopin' for somethin' to hit the floor

Mom's in the kitchen cookin' and bakin'...
And I'm just waitin'...

She made uncooked cookies, fudge and brownies to send to lots of peepls.

Uncooked bickies...

That left lots of pans to clean...

Have tongue will lick?

Dad was VERY happys!

Mom even made some spitz spritz cookies...

Makin' Comet and Blu cookies....

Okay, fines. I don't want anys!

Cinnamon fudge....

Ready to eat...

So all this, AND what Tule's mom is bakin', goes to our family humans. NOT FAIRS!! NOT FAIRS!!


Anonymous said...

Wow your kitchen looks like my kitchen! Bakin and bakin and bakin - and none for me! Daddy is doing my job lickin the bowls clean!

Bussie Kissies

Turbo the Sibe said...

We don't have a Trader Joe's here. My Human is feeling deprived!

Toby said...

Mmm, look at all those yummies!! I want some!!


Anonymous said...

Me and Mummy are both hungry now. Please can we come and live with you?

Simba x

Anonymous said...

Me and Mummy are both hungry now. Please can we come and live with you?


Anonymous said...

Me and Mummy are both hungry now. Please can we come and live with you?


Anonymous said...

Me and Mummy are both hungry now. Please can we come and live with you?


Ivy said...

wowie! simba must be reelly reelly hungry to post all those comments! that cinnamon fudge looks wunnerful and glorious and fantastical! too bad you didnt get any. i highly reckomend diggin around for treasure wen your mom and dad are gone.

Freda said...

Hi Buster,

I think there should be bacons and bacons and dad's can't use their tongues in the kitchen

The cookin' room is my favorite room.

Hi Tubey,

TJ's is kinda like a reeeallys cooools Whole Foods/Alfalfa's/Wild Oats. Soooo many good stuffs. And lots and lots of goodies for Christmas. Oh! Sorry Human.

And 'Charlie Bear' treats for ME!

Hi Toby,

Remember, all you can have are the spitz, no, spritz goodies. That other stuffs is bad for us dogs. BOOOO!

Hi Simba,

We do have an extra rooms, but you might have to do your own cookin's.

Whoa, Ivy,

Your bark got in here just as I was proofin' my replys. Cooools!

Good ideas Ivy, but my humans are pretty careful with that kinda stuffs. Anyway, I'd have to fight Dad if any chocolate hit the floors.

And those manys, manys barks like Simba's, have happened heres before and to other of our buddies on other blogs, too. Weirds!

Wuufs to all you buddies!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, so much food and so little time...

Once, my mom made us some turky yum yums with baby food. They were deeeeeeeeeeeeeelicious!


Anonymous said...

Ahh, yummy! My dad says that chocolate is "not good for me", and then he eats it all himself..,


Anonymous said...

hehehe.... your Comet and BLU cookies looked deeeeeeeelicious. Are you going to mail us any. We tried to get our girl to bake us some, but that would mean she has to turn on the oven, and she's afraid of the oven.

We tagged you for this Christmas thing, check out our blog for the rules!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Freda, those look so yummy!! It's just not fair we can't have chocolate!!

But, then I'd probably be even more chubby.... Ahem...I mean "fluffy."


Anonymous said...

Woh Freda, can i go visit you. Those look yummy........

~ fufu

Anonymous said...

Hi Freda, you've been Christmas tagged by me.
Check out my blog for details of what you have to do. Licks and Hugs, Kevin the Collie x

Anonymous said...

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Freda said...

Hi Kelsey and Smokey,

I know I haven't had baby food since I've been with my now family of humans. That's been almost one two one two (6) years, but I'm one two one two (10 or 11) years old. So I might have had some at some times. My secretary says that some of those babys foods are good. How would he know?

Anythings TURKEY is gooood!


Hi Günter,

I think our dad's are teasin' us. It looks and smells sooo goooods! From now on, when I pee out in public, I'm goin' to reeeeallys enjoy myselfs and make Dad jealous! Hee Hee!


Hey Blu and Comet,

Thanks for the tag. I will get goin' on it as soons as possible.

Those 'spitz' cookies are Mom's brother's fav. Sorry, they all go to him. BOOooo!


Hi Fluffy, I mean Holly,

Chocolate is sooo goods for humans. Why not for us? That is soooo UNFAIRS!!! Guess there is fake chocolate, but we're not fake dogs! BOOooo!


Hey Fu Fu,

Can you eat chocolate? If you can, COME ON DOWN!!


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the tag. This my second tag. Will hopefully get to them tomorrow. Dad has to clean the house before Mom gets homes. Know what I mean?

Thanks for sniffin' around my place.


Anonymous said...

so yummy.....mind 2 share?

Freda said...

Hi Amanda and Pacco,

I wish there was Smell-O and Taste-O vision on the magic box. Then everydog and human could share all the yummer foods durin' the holidays.

Mom was makin' some mores fudge today and GUESS WHO WAS LICKIN' THE BOWLS!!! NOT FAIRS!!!! NOT FAIRS!!!