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11 December 2006


Today is my friend's birthdays. Parfait is one two one two (11) years olds. Wow!

Happy Birthday Parfait. You pretty girl!

She and her humans moved aways about one two one two (14) months ago. I reeeeallys miss her. She is the only friend I've made here. Mom and Dad are gonna to see Parfait's mom and dad tomorrows for lunch. I don't get to go! NOT FAIRS!!! NOT FAIRS!!! Mom says that they have to do a bunch of spendin' moneys and stuffs. Likely storys.

I think Parfait should start a blog so I can bark at her. *Hints. Hints.*


Chelsea said...


Ironically, I got your card today as well.
Thanks so much - it was lovely and you are so cute.


Turbo the Sibe said...

My Human's brother calls my Human "Parfait." When my Human was a puppy, she told him that she was as "sweet as a sugar parfait." My Human still thinks she's that sweet. I think she's something else!

Anonymous said...

Freda, if they're not taking you they must be shopping for your present!

Bussie Kissies

Freda said...

Hey Chesea,

Thanks. One two one two (Two) cuties are we. And I am sendin' this to you electronically. Whoa! So cooools!

Hey Turbo,

Thanks for the cooools story. My dad has a sweets tooth, so LOOK OUT Human Parfait! Arf! Arf!

Hey Buster,

They better be or I won't let them in the house. Well, if they bring a doggys bag back, maybe I'll reconsider.

Wuufs to all of you!

Fu Fu said...

Oh Happy birthday to Parfait. How come you dont get to go visit? No fair...
~ fufu

Freda said...

Hi Fu Fu,

It's one two one two (one) of those human thingys. Let's do lunch. Yada, yada... I don't knows.

I'll have my humans tell Parfait's humans that you wish her a Happy Birthday.

Thanks, Fu Fu.


Anonymous said...

Hi Freda,
Happy Birthday to your freind, maybe you'll get to visit soon.- For the Holly-Days

Anonymous said...

Hi Freda,
Happy Birthday to your freind, maybe you'll get to visit soon.- For the Holly-Days

Anonymous said...

Hi Freda,
Happy Birthday to your freind, maybe you'll get to visit soon.- For the Holly-Days

Anonymous said...

Oh... my - Sorry for the re-peat... My computer was bogged down and I didn't think my comment went though. :-(

Anonymous said...

11 wow, I'm not even 1 yet. Did you get Birthday cake?

Simba xx

Anonymous said...

too bad you didn't get to have a big party for Parfait!

by the way, we like your new messages on the ticker tape up top. are those personal quotes?

Freda said...

Hi Nugget,

You can never bark 'Happy Birthday' too many times. My humans saw Parfait's humans today and they were verys appreciative of everydogs salutations. Thank you.

Hi Simba,

Only one two one two (ones)? Wow! You're just startin'. You're gonna have sooo much funs. And whatever you do, it will be worth it.

I was told that Parfait isn't into parties much any mores. She told her humans a nice long nap would do. She still got some yummer treats though.

Hi Akira and Shiro,

Party! Party! Sounds good to me. Not everydog is a partys animal. But they get a lot more naps, though. Arf!

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