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15 December 2006


I DO NOT LIKE BETA BLOGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have tried barkin' on blogs of those who have sent me greats Christmas cards but the BETA Blogger won't let me. IF it does let me bark, it takes several attempts to bark and then my prettys face is gone. I DO NOT LIKE BETA BLOGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ivy said...

i totally dont like beta blogger either. i think we shud all form a dog alliance and march on bloggy to bite beta in the butt!

Freda said...

Look at that! There I am. See that BETA!

Hey Ivy,

I second that! BITE BETA IN THE BUTT!!!



Anonymous said...

Beta is totally stupid!!!!! But I went ahead and switched 'cause I couldn't bear the thought of not being able to share my words of wisdom on everyone's blogs!!!!

Google is forcing everyone to get their e-mail so that they can use blogger!

Freda said...

Hey Turbo,

Is Beta any better or is it more complicated? Blogger says things will be easier, BUT does your layout remain the sames or must you change it?


Freda said...

Hey Tubey,

I tried postin' this at your place and Blogger (Beta) blocked me out completelys! Luckily I saved it. May have to switch sooner than I think.

My dad saw some reeeeallys cooool aurora borealis in Nebraska way, way, way backs in the futures (1950s). The whole skys was orange. I said it was a forests fires, but he said that Nebraska does (or did) have the largest man-made forest but that it wasn't on fires then. And when we lived in Colorado, we lived in a city called Aurora. Cooools.

When Mom and Dad lived in Alaska they saw a lot of the tiny thin one two one two (ones), but nothin' likes the Nebraska lights.

I've read your barks about Beta. Will hang on with the original as long as I can.
WHAT A PAIN, Blogger!


Anonymous said...

I like Beta. My Mom's blog is still the old way, cuz she just wanted to compare problems. Mine was switched right in the beginning. We love it! And all the problems with posting and crap are all blogger, not just Beta, cuz we have it with both Blogs.

You don't need a google email, we just use my Yahoo email address where I get all my dog stuff.

Bussie Kissies

Freda said...

Thanks Buster,

I know that I will have to push my typist into the beta sea soon. He is afraid to put that first toe in the waters. Maybe I should get Ivy's helps and bite him in the butts.

Before we go swimmin', I need to catch ups with some things. I just hope my secretary doesn't turn into a true (F)rench talkerman.

Thanks again for your informative barks.


Anonymous said...

Hi Freda:
I have tagged you for the Christmas Tag. Visit my blog and see what you have to do!
Love, Lillie Valentine
THanks for visiting my blog and leaving a note (comment). We luv hearing from you!!!

Freda said...

Hi Lillie,

Thanks for the tag. If I can get my typist away from the magic box for a while I'll get to my 'tag'.

I'm glad you're keepin' Angel Daisie Duke's blog goin'. A nice tribute.