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21 November 2006


OKAY! I started this wuuf several days ago... Just tryin' to catch up on things... And I want to get it posted!!! So I've duck taped my typist to the magic typer chair and won't let him go until this is done!!!

First, I have to bark that our long lost buddie, Heidi The Way Under Dog, is back. Yippeeeees! That makes me very happy.

(Last week...)
Well, my long absent humans FINALLY! made it back home. And just as I was gettin' use to my new digs and new friends, they rip me up and take me home! YEA!!! But bewares...they came home with code viruses and they sounds funny, so I hope you don't catch any of those varmints cuz you're readin' this. (They're feelin' better now, thank you.) But they have been goin' to bed at weird times and wakin' me at dog awful times. I don't wake up when it's still darks!

I sure am glad Mom and Dad are home AND they remembered to pick me up at K Camp. It wasn't as bads as I thought it would be. And the last day I got a great bath, rub down and kerchief. Luckily they didn't paint my nails!

Take it already!!

When we got home, Mom and Dad surprised we with some weird stuff...

Whoa! Für mich? You shouldn't have... *You better have!*

There was some funny writin's on them...

The first one was reeeallys cooools...

Wow! A Christmas flag! What? Oh....

Well... It is almost Christmas, accordin' to one of our neighbors.

Then some Schmackos?

Schmackos?!?! That's what dogs eat in Portugal?
I thought they ate gnomes.

Maybe TinTin, Charlie and Opy downunder and some of you here have heard of them but I haven't and certainly dumbs Dad hasn't. Anyways, I've got a packet with Portuguese writin' on it. And that means....?

I didn't like their smells and haven't gotten up the courage to try ones yet.

Soooo... apparentlys my second gift is a flop. Thanks a lot, Dad!!

Then I got some new CDs by Madredeus. It a cooools Portuguese groups that sings (The wonderful voice of Teresa Salgueiro) and plays musics of Portugal.

Okay Dad, do YOU know what their sayin's?

And then.... And then...

A pet chicken!!! Hey, Dad... It's NOT free rangin'!
What's wrong with this chicken bird?

He told me it is the famous Rooster of Barcelos. I think he means it's a ceramic figurine representin' the famous cock.

Anyway, I hung my new flag in my bedroom...

Pretty cooools, heh?

Then Mom came in... Well, now my new flag will be hung in the garage reeeeallys soon. *Dummy Mom!*

All in all, I'm happy. Mom and Dad are home. I'm home...

Ahhhh... Home at last, home at last, home at last...

I thought fur shure I'd have a gnome for a brother or sister, but no such lucks. Bet they would have been tasty.

(This week...)
Tule and her humans are arrivin' early tomorrows, so I'll be busy entertainin' company for the longs weekend.

Again, I wish everydog and their humans a great Turkey Bird Day and hope you get a free rangin' turkey. We're havin' sauerbraten again. Hmmmm...!

And, I want to catch up with all your great barks, too. Thanks. Wuufs!


Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Woohooooo Freda,

great to hear your humans are back safely!

And yeah, I know Schmackos. Big fat yummmmmm. Try 'em, I'm sure you'll like 'em.

Ma just doesn't buy me enough of 'em.

That flag is rather groovy too. How does it taste?

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

Fu Fu said...

Hey Freda. Bet you're happy to see your mum and dad back.
And what alot of gifts you got. Cool.. you got CDs too.

~ fufu

JuliaR said...

We've missed you Freda! Glad all is well. And I love your expressive ears. :)

Maximillian the Valliant said...

Boy checking out all that stuff sure was exhausting.


Jay said...

Welcome back! We missed you. Wow, that's a lot of goodies you got!


Charlie The Big Dog said...

Hey Freda,

Schmacko's are COOL!

They taste soooooooooo good!

Glad your back:-)


Anonymous said...

Hey there! You sure look cute in that bandanna!

Spirit said...

You look adorable and those treats look yummy!!

IndyPindy said...

Hey Freida,
You look so pretty in your picture! Hope your humans had a good trip!

Freda said...


Hey Tin Tin, Charlie and Spirit,

My humans have FINALLYS settled back into their lazy ways. It took them a long times to shake off that jet laggin' stuff. Now I can sleep undisturbed, except when I'm disturbin' them. Arf! Arf!

I still haven't reeeeallys tried a Schmackos yet. Just a sniff and I haven't shown much interest since. Maybe they're made differents in Ropa.

The flag sniffs like a humans from Portugal, I guess. I still thinks it's a Christmas flag-green and reds.

Hey Fu Fu, Max, and Jay,

The only good things about my humans leavin' is that they come back and brings me a whole bunch of cooools stuffs. Ruff!

Like a C-A-T, I let Dad put MY CDs on iTunes, so now all I hears is Madredeus! And I complained that my rooster hasn't laid any eggs yets. Dad said Roosters don't lay eggs. I barked back, it's a chicken, right! Yes. Then where are the eggs? Well, you've got me there. Chalks up another win for Freda! Arf! Arf!

Hey Julia,

Hope you're doin' well.

Thanks. I think my button ears help me keep my puppys looks. Sooo manys peeples think I'm a puppys. I wish it were true, then I could spend more times with my humans. I'll be one two one two (10 or 11) years old in several weeks.

Thanks Cubby and Indy,

I got the bandanners after my spa treatment at the kennels. It felt sooo goods. I think that is the closest I'll get to wearin' a holidays costume.

Yes, my humans had a greats trip, except the flyin' part. I bet you'll hear about it soon. Arf! Arf!

Wuufs and thanks to alls!