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20 November 2006


Things are goin' way too fast. Today Mom was shoppin' for T-Bird Day and Dad was still tryin' to cleans the house. So I thought I better bark to everydog and their humans,
, before I forgets. And I've got to get my secretary workin' on the Christmas card thingy. I've already got one two one two (one). Better get waggin'! I want to answer all your welcome back notes, so please hang in there. And I want to start sniffin' arounds your blogs again, too.

Dad has been usin' CareerBuilder Monk-e-Mail to send funny ha ha e-mails to the few friends he has. (And he doesn't even have a career.) It's a lot of funs AND free! We've got to come up with a dog-e-mail thingy like this.

What's a career? Is that like a fortnight?

Do gnomes have a career?


Charlie said...

I don't know what a career is either, but my mom's around a lot more often now that she retired from hers, so I don't think they're very good...
- Charlie

Maximillian the Valliant said...

Hey Freda

I was starting to think you were ignoring me! But I know that isn't right cause you like me too much.

My Mom has a career...that means she leaves for 4 hours at a time and comes home in little bursts to let us out then leave for another 4 hours. But some days she doesn't leave at all. Two days ago she just laid on the couch all day.


Sam Iam said...

Just woofing by to wish you a HAPPY Thanksgiving.And making sure you get your share of the turkey ..sniff-sniff

Lot's of Lick's

Heidi said...

Yummy turkey day is almost here!!! Happy Tanksgiving!!!!!!

Freda said...


Hey Charlie,

My humans send their CONGRATS to your mom on her retires. I think I like retires cuz I get a lot more tummy rubs, treats and stuffs. Dad's been retires just over one two one two (3) years and Mom is retires the second time one two one two (6) months ago. Dad helps me blog and paints when he has times. Mom plans trips and when to send me to the kennel. BOOOooo!

Hey Max,

I could never ignore yous!

At one time I thought careers were stupids, but now I think they are good. When humans have a careers they have lots of monies to buy their dogs foods, treats, toys and stuffs. And it gives them monies after they retires to keep buyin' toys, foods, treats and stuffs.

That's greats that your mom comes home durin' her career and lets you out and stuffs.

Now, if your mom gave you tummy rubs all the times she was doin' the potato, that's okay. If not, she should be careerin' to get more monies for you.

Hey Sam,

Thanks, I had a greats T-Day, or should I say, S-Day. We had sauerbraten. Yummers! Yes, I think I got more than my share. *Urp!* I was reeeeallys sleepys.

Hey Heidi,

Thanks, and glad to sniff you're back. Hope you had a great T-Day, too. Long time no bark!

Wuufs to all!

funquita said...

if your dad likes monkey-e-mail, check out this new one i found:

i think it might even be from the same people, but who knows. all i know is making fun of celebrities is always a good way to waste time!

Freda said...

Hey Funquita,

That is reeeeallys cooools! Will have to sends some off. Thanks.