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03 October 2006


Mom and Dad have been on the magic typer a lot lately, and it's not been for my blog. And they've been on the farbarker a lot too. The other day I found this pretty red book on the table...

What's this? We don't need new tires yet, do.... Oh, oh!

Oooops! What do you know. It just fell to the floor...All by itself. Hmm...

Ya know...I think I better slide this right under here...


Jay said...

Opppsss... I hope they will not know that you were the culprit! *crosses paws"*

Turbo the Sibe said...

Good idea! They'll never find it there!

Charlie said...

Uh oh... quick thinking, Freda!!
- Chuck

Fu Fu said...

Hi Freda,
That's clever of you to push it under the table. heee

~ fufu

Charlie The Big Dog said...


Is that like Myrope?

Or Bogiesrope, or Turbosrope?

Humans are stupid!

A book about ropes. Dogs can chew through ropes you know!


Sunshade said...

Uh oh Freda...I think you need to do more than hiding it. You should one two one two (one)shred it, one two one two (two) bury it in your yard, one two one two (three)poop over it!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Freda said...

Guess what?

Mom found the 'Rope' book (Good one two one two [one] BD Charlie) the next day. Mom is a reeeeal stickler for havin' a clean house. So I was unable to shred it, bury it or poop and pee on it.

I've got to get a good look at it, cuz they are usin' it to compare stuff to other stuff on the magic typer. This does not look good. Not good at all.