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05 October 2006


Hey Mom...I haven't seen Dad ...Do you know where he might be?...


Ivy said that this human time frame was 'happy pumpkin appreciation month!' So I barked Mom and Dad that I wanted a punkin to appreciate too. Well,...

What the...! We do need to appreciate diversity.

It looked nothin' like those at Ivy's place or the one two one two (one) Indy showed at his place. (Barked ya that my humans are weird. They fit into the human world a little better this time of year. 'Specially my dad.) Ruff!

Dad? Dad...where are you?

And I sniffed that Miss Sunshade was attacked by a butternut. It was not a pretty sight but she finally gained the upper paw in the end.

In a weirdness, it just so happened that Mom wrestled down a butternut this mornin', just like Miss Sunshade's mom. The battle ended with Mom the victoress.

Poor guy... Heard they're tough...


I didn't get to eat any though. Mom put it in the crocked pot with apples and onions. So, no go.

Sure doesn't look like Sunshade's...

Dad...where are you?

Durin' my search for my missin' secretary I came upon a Gargle perched on Mom's flower tower. It sure looked weird...

ARRuff! So you want to challenge me to a game of Statue?
This is gonna be sooo easy..Hehe..

Squint... Squint...

I lost that STUPID statue game!!...How he'd do that?
He looked sooo familiar...What a STUPID game!!

Dad...where are yoooo....?


Turbo the Sibe said...

Maybe your dad is out helping the Corn Boys for the weekend game?

Ender said...

Oh man, good luck finding your dad!

Freda said...

Hey Tubey,

They'll need a lot more help than MY Corn Head can giv'em. Those Twirlies can be reeeally dangerous.

Good luck with those red bandit guys tonight. Bandit, that's the name of Jonny Quest's dog. Ruff!

Hi Ender,

Nice to sniff ya. I hope my dad isn't followin' you to Texas. He has some friends in Coppell. He and Mom were there in May.


Ivy said...

freda! your pumkpin is so wierd! i think you shudda run off with the butternut before your mom cooked it up. it looks so yummy!

i haf never seen a gargle before. it sounds like he cheats at games so maybe it is best i dont meet one anyway.

maybe your dad got swallowed up by your house?!? that happens to my randy sumtimes and i always get so skared but then he comes out again and it is ok. i think your dad will be ok too.

Turbo the Sibe said...

I saw your BEWARE of BETA note. I'm not planning on switching over while it's in beta.

Freda said...

Hey Ivy,

I am tryin' to bark a skary story. I like it that i've got my dad in the big limbo. Don't know if I'll bring him back! Arf!

Weird punkin, what? Mom and Dad got it at Phillips Farms on the way to Lodi.

Hey Turbo,

What is Blogger thinkin'?


Jay said...

Hey, have you found your dad yet?

By the way, the gargle looked scary.

Sunshade said...

Uh oh...maybe your dad needs my help? (with the corns ya know)

Hey, your butternut squash looked so much better than mine!! Yours didn't look that scary cooked or alive...hehe!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

The Army of Four said...

Where's your dad? You better make a bunch of nose smudgies on the windows so he knows which house to come home to! And mark the yard!
Play bows,

Freda said...

Hey Ender and Jay,

I'm still lookin' for Dad but I think I know where he is. That scary gargle looks weird and smells weird. Hmmm...


My humans eat butternuts, are they dogs?


I should have thought of nose art on the windows. Good idea. I usually just practice on the movin' box windows. Cooools!