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09 September 2006


This mornin' we watched Atlantis lift off. YEAH!
(Guess they found it.)

Up, Up and away!!

The rest of today has been kinda a slow day for me. Dad hurt his back a little several days ago. So he isn't doin' anything strenuous today. (When does he?)

So I've been helpin' Mom paint a closet...

And you'll need this...this...

Right up there in the corner... Good!

Helpin' Dad listen to the girdiron game...

GO GOBBLEDYGOOK!!! Whatever. Like I care.


Mom and Dad need some tea to get them through this tough day. Arf!

Okay, you need tea, I need some of Annies' Ranch Bunnies. MMMMMMMM...

My typist reminded me of today's big project... I have to select a great photo of my beatiful self. It is sooo difficult. There are soooo many.

Then I'll help Dad download some more tunes and old time radio programs to iTines. Is he pushin' for an iPod?

'In a galaxy far far away...'

And I want to visit my pals.

Whooptee doo. They won....

Arrrrfffffff! Scary pirates?


Raisa Husky said...

Wow! I got tired just on seeing how much work you had! I think I'm going back to bed! haha!
Kind licks :P

Freda said...

Hey Raisa,

Bed sounds reeeeal good! Today all I have on MY schedule is helpin' Mom and Dad move their human coverings back to the closet and some magic typer stuff.

I think I need a new secretary. The model I have is slowin' down and wants to do his own stuff. What the cat. I come first. Always have, always will. That's what I bark.



Turbo the Sibe said...

Your man's team plays the team in the town we live in--the Univ of Missouri Stupid Tigers.

Sometimes the Stupid Tigers actually win!

Freda said...

Hey Tubey,

Whenever Dad's team plays those striped cats of Missouri he is always worried. They are always capable of an upset. Missouri also conjures up the '97 game with Matt Davison's off the turf TD catch and CU's 'FIFTH' down in the '90 game. You was robbed!



Turbo the Sibe said...

Yeah, the football team of ol' Mizzou does seem to be the brunt of a lot of really weird situations!

Freda said...

Hey Tubey,

When those corn boys play your C-A-T-S, I'll be ruffin' for your team, (Even though they're C-A-T-S) but I know that my typist will be pacin' the floor a lot, sayin' a lot of things I don't understand and ruffin' for his team.

He has to listen to the games on the magic typer. No California magic box station around here carrys the games nor are there any Californians for the Corn Boys clubs nearby that sponsor the game on the talkin' box. So he is stuck starin' at the magic typer and twitchin' his ears. [Since Mom and Dad went retro and got rid of the Sputnik channels, we only get five channels now. (BORIN"!!) They like it but I don't. No Animal Planet, no dog shows, no nothin'!]

Sometimes Dad types back and forth, with a friend way over in Gatorland on the right coast, about the game. They are pals from the big red N school.

Hope your C-A-T-S do well.



Turbo the Sibe said...

wDo you know what the Corn Boys say the "N" is for?


Turbo's Human said...

Settle down, Tubey! Remember you're talking about Freda's Dad.

Freda said...

Hey Tubey and Your Human,

My dad says he 'nows' what the 'N' stands for... It tells the other team 'NO', 'NO first down', 'NO TD', 'NO win'... Well, sometimes. Arf! Arf!

Dad says that the Buffs say the same thing about the 'N'. He wonders why Colorado and other BIg 12 states teach their students to spell knowledge without an 'k'.

I know that all is in good fun. Sometimes I have to remind Dad of that fact. He can be soooo stupid at times. The ol' Corn Head!

Now if the Corn Heads and Cheese Heads got together..... Stop me! I'm gettin' hungry..

Have you seen the tribute video to CU's football program? It's reeeeally cooool! If my dad can ever pick it out of his email I''ll post here.

Don't tell my typist, but I think that the 'N' will mean 'No win' for NU this weekend.

And thank you human for standin' up for my dad. He needs all the help he can get.

I like dog shows the best. The dogs get to have treats just to walk around! Coool!



Fargo said...

The corn heads and cheese heads would meet in the Cheeto Bowl!

Freda said...

Hey Fargo,

I barked at yah at your place. I like your sparklies. Cooool!

I like the Cheeto Bowl bark. Now I'm hungry.

Thanks for barkin'!