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08 September 2006


Sorry for the postin' drought.

TW3-This Was The Week That Was had some sad news but some good news. As we all know, we lost a great Aussie friend, Steve Irwin, in a freakish accident...

Steve and family in 2002. (

...But our horsey friend, Lost in the Fog, got a second chance: Peaceful days and hope for Lost in the Fog and Lost in Fog will try chemotherapy next.

And kinda in the middle, we have Atlantis, that 'might' liftoff tomorrow mornin'...

Atlantis STS-115 (NASA)

And while all this was goin' on, Tule and her humans were here for the loooong weekend.
We had some weird fun.

What cat?

Tule found MY stash and now thinks it's her's. HA!!!

My own guard dog. Hee hee.

Ahh, come on! Just a little more of the mango margo.. uh, rita margo....Plesh...

Everydog and human had a subdued good time...
Except the cat.


Charlie The Big Dog said...

Hey Freda,

Its great to have you back.
Its sad for us Aussie dogs about Crocodile Man. He was fun and good all in one human form.
My stupid dad is going to watch Atlantis live on the magic picture box, so I guess thats it for me as far as blog-time is concerned. Once that Nasa-TV comes on, were pretty much done for 2 weeks:-)

Thanks for helping us with the calendar too 1 too 1 too :-)


Freda said...

Hey Charlie,

Yah, I will miss Crikey Man, too.

We just watched Atlantis lift off. YEAH! Mom's brother use to be in charge of the plant that makes the big orange sausage on the shuttle. Now that there is no problem with the foam (we hope), he is in charge of another plant that makes sputniks and stuff.

Dad says that the shuttle is the only way to fly. He says it wouldn't take very long to get to Australia, but the trip preparation may discourage some humans. If I got to fly to Sydney, I bet I could wait to pee and poop until I landed. Arf! Arf!

I'll get on my photo search right away.



Ivy said...

hey hey freda! looks like you and tule had a good time. whats another cat more or less anyway?

wut is that marbly game you and your peepol were playin with? can you eat the marblies? do they go well with mango margos? mmmmmm!

Freda said...

Hey Ivy,

The game is called Chinese Solitaie, Marble Ball Solitaire, Marble Solitaire among other various names. Sometimes it's called ##%*& ^@!$%$!!, too. Humans try to leave just one two one two (1) marble left. Dad did that once at GMom and GDad's. Here he's left one two one two (2) marbles a couple of times. But on the other paw, he has left one two one two (30) twice. Arf! Arf!

I think if I ate one two one two (one) of those marbles it'd come out just like it went in. They kinda smell like humans. Since I don't eat humans, guess I won't try one two one two (one).

The mango margos are great just by themselves. Get kinda sleepy though.