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14 May 2006


First, a big Thank You to all out there for your notes of concern. I didn't know if I was ever gonna get home.

Second, hope everything went well for every dog and your humans durin' the past three weeks.

And third, Happy M Day to all your human and canine (Okay, feline too) mothers. My mom and dad went to Alameda last night to see Tule and her humans and Tule's mom's parents. They went to a St. Bernard Burmese eatery and had wonderful food. They ate everything! No doggie bags!

My wayward humans FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! picked me up. I was sooo happy to see and sniff and lick them! They were happy to see me too. They even picked me up early. I guess the last place they visited wasn't what they thought it would be. More about their trip in a later postin'.

I have been home a week now but it has not been a good week. I did not eat well at the kennel. I was on a med and it didn't do my tummy any good but I had to have it. I didn't feel well when I got home. I just wanted to sleep.

Don't bother me. Wake me in a week.

I was weak and felt really blah.

Then I got the trots.
For two nights I got Dad up a couple of times in the dark and told him in no uncertain terms I needed to GO. We would walk and I would spray paint the grass.

Okay. If I keep my butt higher than my head....
That should work. Oops! GOTTA GO, DAD!

Followin' directions I got just water for a while. I didn't want to eat anyway. Then Mom and Dad, mostly Mom, cooked rice and chicken for me. I ate some for a while then even that didn't taste good.

In the mean time Dad ordered more of the Flint River Ranch food. Dad gave that to me as a treat on my walks and it was about the only thing I would eat.

Oh, goodie!

Yesterday I refused all the chicken and rice but gobbled up the Flint River food. Of course, I was hungry but the FRR food tasted great. Today I ate a little more with only a little bit of chicken on it. Will let you know how I like it in a couple of days.

So the past week has been busy. I was sick, Mom and Dad were searchin' the web about the trots in dogs and worryin' about me. Both of them had one two one two (a lot of) emails to answer, calls to return and gardenin' to do.

I apologize for not gettin' on line sooner but I was too pooped because all I did for a while was poop! Hope to read up on ya'll's (remember that Mom and Dad went to newer lens) blogs soon.


Charlie said...

Sorry to hear that you're under the weather, but happy to know that you're back home! Get better soon!

- C

Freda said...

Hey Charlie,

Thanks. I am feelin' a little better now but I sure am sleepin' a lot. So is my secretary. I think the road trip took more out of him then he is willin' to admit. My gettin' him up at all hours of the night didn't help either. He sure worried about me. Guess that is a good thing. Drivin' from Ablacreeky to Rio Vista with a two hour stop in Lake Hava Shoe didn't help either.

Right now Mom and Dad are discussin' what time to get up tomorrow. They are gonna start usin' the wakeup machine again. They have been gettin' up WAY too late. The day is half over and they get nothin' done. Lazy butts! But I get to sleep in too. So what the hay!

Hope to get my secretary's butt in gear and start visitin' my blog buddies tomorrow. Hope he can remember all those magic words that make this thing work.



Spirit said...

Glad you are back home. I hope your poop problem goes away soon. Its not fun to have an upset belly. I ate the rug in the hallway the other day and I pooped out big pieces of fiber. Hey, they always say to eat plenty of fiber, I guess I just didnt eat the right kind of fiber.

Welcome home!

IndyPindy said...

Hi Freda,
Wow, I sure hope you feel better. Believe me, I know how yucky it is to have upset tummy and the trots. Spraypainting sucks. I hope the Flint River Ranch food helps your tummy.

If it doesn't, your mom and dad might want to try fasting you for 24 hours, then giving you a few small meals of raw chicken meat.

Have you taken any antibiotics lately? That's what started all of my tummy troubles, being on an antibiotic for too long. Stupid vet!

Feel better,

JuliaR said...

Oof, freda! Sorry about it all. Sleeping is good for recovery so all of y'all get some rest.

Splash said...

Oh Freda we hope you get better soon. We have missed you.

Raisa Husky said...

I hope you get better soon. I also refuse to eat quite often and my humans get worried. But then, when there are ready to take me to the vet, I eat 3 plates of my food in a row!

Freda said...

Hey Spirit,

Thanks. The hall rug? That must have hurt goin' in AND comin' out! My fiber comes from my front yard, GRASS. My tummy was curly cuin' again yesterday and I had to run out and 'mow' the yard. Dad really appreciates my mowin' at one two one two (one) in the dark.



Freda said...

Hey Indy,

Mom and Dad did deprive me of my food and just gave me water for a day. Then they pulled the chicken and rice trick on me. That kinda worked.

I did have to take Deramaxx for one two one two (30) days for my rotater stuff. I still limp a bit. I don't think that helped my tummy.

On our walks Dad gives me the Flint River food as a treat. I love it! Sometimes I don't eat my meal out of my bowl but from Dad's hand. I think I'm gettin' spoiled. I better tell him to just give me my Flint River in the bowl. 'In Like Flint', hey?

Thanks, Indy.



Freda said...

Hey Julia,

Say 'Hey' to Rockwell for me. I have been doin' a lot of countin' voles lately. Mom and Dad are worried I am sleepiin' too much. Hey, they have been sleepin' way too late in the mornin', so why worry about me?




Freda said...

Hey Splash,

I'm glad I back and can bark with my buddies. A slight relapse today. My appetite got lost again. Hope to find it soon.




Freda said...

Hey Raisa,

I think most dogs hate that one two one two (three) letter word, V-E-T. We'll do anything to avoid that trip. That's great that you start eatin' again before the 'V' trip, but one two one two (three) plates? I have to watch my figure. Since I sleep so much that much food would really 'plump me up'. You must get a lot of exercise to keep soooo trim.