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19 April 2006


Today was Mom's very last day of work. Yea! Now she will be home all day and I won't get freaked out when she is gettin' ready to go to work. Hmmm...More tummy rubs!

Dad has been tryin' to pack, help me with my blog and double check all the water sprayers that get the grass and plants wet and other stuff. He is kinda a tight butt about that kinda stuff.

Well, I didn't get much bloggin done. I wanted to reply to all the return ruffs I've gotten. Invitations to stay at your guys' places and concern for my rotater stuff. Thanks everydog. I appreciate it. Then when I was ready to dictate my blog my secretary broke the mouse. Actually, he took a long time findin' some electric sticks that worked.

Oops! Dad broke the mouwse! Dad broke the mouwse.

He did show me Sycamore Lane's web site. That was cool. Instead of usin' the farbarker, he had to waste time on the magic typer. DUMMY! I had things to bark!

Guess that's where I'm goin' to serve out
my sentence. Good ol' Sycamore Lane.

And he spent way too much time thinkin' about what to throw in his clothes box. He was stressin' me out! So I took a time out on the cool tile with my play buddy, Platy.

I'm gettin' kinda stressed out with all the
clothes boxes and packin'. I DON"T LIKE IT!

He finally did fill his clothes box. He said he just wanted to swim. I had to remind him that newer lens is now dry. They drained the city. He was so disappointed. He was hopin' to be the first to swim across the city.

Dad says all he's doin' is swimmin'. He's gonna swim in that?

Stayin' home alone with Dad is a weird experience when he has so many decisions to make on his own. I was sooo glad when Mom got home! I think I reeeelly need a stay at Sycamore. See some ol' buds and rest my rotater stuff.

Bye for now. Hope to see you in several weeks. Woof! Freda


Raisa Husky said...

Oh! I will miss your posts quite a lot! You could make an extra effort to get that dog's farbarker from your Dad... Then you could send us some news or SMS, perhaps!

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Hope you have a great time.

We'll be missing you!

Jack Attack said...

No posts for a long time! Thats sad! I like checkin' up on your site! My University human is packing today an tomorrow aswell as studyin' for her last few exams. However, she is moving HOME with ME! And she pays ALOT of attention to me! I'm excited!

I hope you have a wonderful time! And I cant wait until you are back to posting again! =D

schnoodlepooh said...

Awwww... we barely are getting to know you. I hope you can come back to us soon. We want to play with you and read your dog blog. We like your stories, except we don't understand it all. That's okay. Come back soon.

Ivy said...

hey hey freda! hope you have a reely good rest at sycamore lane and your rotator stuff gets all better.

my peepol hope your peepol have a good time visitin and swimmin and all that stuff.

just think of all the dog blogs you will have to catch up on when you get back!

HanktheDog said...

Have fun! I too am not a fan of bags being packed. Very stressful.

puppytoes said...

have a good/restful/fun time, freda--for that matter, i really hope your people do, too! can't wait for your return, tho'--it'll be a lot of fun to hear all about the big vaca! : D

Sam I Am said...

Hope you have a great time.take lots of pictures,Looking forward to your return!!

Cal the Wonderdog said...

Have a very good time with your old buds!

Smell you on the flip side Freda.


Robin said...

I am sure you are having a great time..

Remember to post soon..

Cairo The Boxer said...

great blog. I hope you have a great time. tell your dad to by a new mouse.

schnoodlepooh said...

are you coming back soon?? baxter and bailey miss you.

Spirit said...

Miss you!

Pimm said...

Freda, Just how long are you going to be gone anyway? I think you need to herd your people back together!

The Whippy Curly Tails said...

We just new your pop was an Apple person. Our mom is too. Meow!

Tannie Man lays on the keyboard & nips at mom's arms if she stays on the puter too long. ; )


Freda said...

Hey Whippy Curly Tails,

Apple Rules! Dad has had about one two one two (four) Apples. He did have a pc at home cuz of work. Dog...did he have problems with it.
Anyway, Apple=Apple Corps=The Beatles. What could be better?