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17 May 2006


(While I was gone, there were several news stories about high fructose corn syrup. That's good. I had my secretary type this up before I went to the kennel, but like a dummy, he forgot to post it. Well, he was quite busy gettin' ready. So I will try to forgive him. This is important stuff and it concerns our humans. Hopefully, the stories enticed your humans to do some research concernin' this monstrous food additive. So here is what I had put together. Hopefully the links are all active.)

16 April 2006
I have barked about HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) before. Now Dad reads that an effort has begun to alert humans to this menace. Some time ago, Dad found two articles from the SF Chronicle:
Soda Targeted in Fight Against Obesity
and Study Predicts Rise in Overweight Children

When he read those to me I just had to get up on my soapbox. A soda company had adverts on the Olympics and the golden statue show are everywhere. Oh, they are SO innocent! HFCS is SO bad for humans but no one is doin' much about it.

We dogs, as an integral piece of the human fabric, have got to step up and protect our humans from themselves. Whenever you see one of your humans raisin' a can of soda to their lips, run up and knock it to the floor. Don't let them near it until you hear the last gurgle of that poison. Let it soak into the carpet. If your human gets down on their knees and starts suckin' it up, pee on them. I can't stress enough how bad HFCS is for them.

If they have ingested too many cans of that stuff, get them out there and drag them around the block a couple of times. We have got to keep our humans healthy, if they want to be or not! This will not be the last time I bark to you on this subject. My family has cleared our cupboards of this menace. And I have gotten them to read all the food labels.

HFCS Facts - What is HFCS

HFCS is everywhere and does not belong here. The maxim' of soda pop destroys the environment.

Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Coca-Cola in India accused of leaving farms parched and land poisoned

Government Asks Coca-Cola Not to Dispose Toxic Sludge in Fields

Dangers of HFCS %u High Fructose Corn Syrup

Pepsi World - What's In Pepsi?

Accidental Hedonist - High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)

HERSHEY'S Syrup - HERSHEY'S The first ingredient of Hershey's Chocolate Syrup is HFCS. Throw it out!

Corn refineries challenge validity of fructose study

Fast Food Facts | HFCS - High Fructose Corn Syrup in fast food items

Scientists again raise possibility of fructose obesity link

Scientists defend popular bulk sweetener

NEVER : Author Michael pollen: 'The omnivorous Dilemma'

Please read up on this stuff. Search the Web. We all want our humans to be healthy and consuming' that bateau HFCS will not help them keep healthy. This is important stuff.

My dad asked a friend with a PhD (Whatever that is.) in nutrition about HFCS. ...The human body can not properly metabolize HFCS. It is turned into FAT. Period.


Jack Attack said...

Freda!! YaY for you posting again! =D I've missed your stories! You are one smart doggie and I hope you feel better! I got into the garbage the other day and I didnt feel too good for about 3 or 4 days... Maybe it is from the HFCS in some of the food! Eww.. that stuff is gross... =P

I also wanted to let you know that while you are relaxing this afternoon that Faith the 2-legged doggie is gonna be on Oprah! I'll be watching it with my family! I hope you will be too! Faith rocks!

Freda said...

Hey Jack,

Thanks. I like to tell those long 'tails'. Sometimes they wear me out usin' all that brain power. And my typist's wrists hurt.

I was feelin' better but now I am not eatin' much and my dad's tummy is really hurtin'. It can't be the HFCS stuff 'cuz I don't allow that poison in the house. I guess I kissed him too much and transferred some of my tummy bugs to him. Or maybe the other way around. Arf! Arf!

Thanks for the Faith on Oprah info. Faith is sooo coool! Hope I can keep my dad up so we can watch.