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19 May 2006


Bad News A: A friend and neighbor of Mom and Dad's went to human heaven the other night. It is very sad. They are gettin' together with friends and the family to celebrate his life. They are goin' to have a barbecue. Maybe they'll bring home a doggie bag!

Bad News B: Both Dad and I haven't been feelin' so well. Yesterday I had the trots in the mornin' and Dad's tummy kept him up for a while last night.

["I Dig A Pygmy" by Charles Hawtrey and the Deaf Aids.
Phase one, in which Doris gets her oats.]

Two of Us feelin' sickly, Feelin' low down',
On our floor at home, We're on our own floor,
We're on our own floor...

(Thanks and apologies to John and Paul)

I'm feelin' better but now I am not eatin' much and my dad's tummy is still makin' funny noises. It can't be the HFCS stuff 'cuz I don't allow that poison in the house. I guess I kissed him too much and transferred some of my tummy bugs to him. Or maybe the other way around. Arf! Arf! I kinda gassed out Mom and Dad last night. I slept right through it. Whew, in both ways!

Tule and her humans are comin' next week for the long weekend, so Dad and I started our speeder patrol. We checked all the nooks and grannies crannies for those one two one two (8) legged biters and then judiciously sprayed mint oil (Poison Free Ant and Roach Control). I asked my expedition companion why we were huntin' speeders. [We don't use real poisons and know that speeders are good for the garden and for controlling pests, but when Tule comes for a visit we clear out the dangerous speeders.] He pulled this little lady out of a corner and told me about her life style and how we must be careful when we see one.

The itsy bitsy speeder climbed... - Article: Black Widow Spider Bites in Dogs: "The primary prevention is to limit your pet's access to areas that might house black widow spiders. Thoroughly investigate your lawn and garden for black widow spiders and, if seen, contact an exterminator to remove them from your home area. Be very careful with black widow spiders since they can also injure people."

Dad's been dreamin' about a woman with an hour glass figure,
but I don't this is what he was seein'. Arf! Arf!

Thanks to Jack, the German Shorthaired Pointer I got to see Faith, the Super Dog with two legs, on Oprah today. She still is lookin' good. Faith, that is.

She's sooo coool!

Thanks again, Jack.


Cal the Wonderdog said...

Spiders! We have red translucent little ones around here all the time in our house. They can bite you when you're sleeping sometimes, but usually they hang out up on the ceiling and upper trim around the house.

I try to play with spiders and flies sometimes, but end up hurting and/or knocking them off of something.

Oh, and if Doris gets her oats in phase one, what does she get in phase 2?

Just wondering . . .

Cal (it's been a hard dog's night) the WonderBeatle (fan)

Freda said...

Hey Cal,

We have lots of jumpin' speeders here also. I like them because they're sooo fast. Can't sneak up on them.

One has to ask, what kind of oats did Doris receive? If wild, then there are three paths she could have traveled. If they were horse oats, then she may have ridden off into the sunset. Rolled oats? Maybe she lowered her colored ester ball. Good question, Cal.



HanktheDog said...

Hope you're feeling better, Freda.

schnoodlepooh said...

Hey Freda, I'm so glad you're home again. Bailey and Baxter missed you! We had to catch up on your blog and read about your stomach sickness and the HFCS poison (bad bad bad) and then the speeders, and your friend that went to human heaven (sorry for that). Is your tummy feeling better yet? Is your Dad's tummy better yet?

I'm so glad we don't have those scary speeders here - the ones with the hourglass figure. THose are scarrrrreeeeeyyyyy. I like how you use non poison stuff to make them all go away. we need to learn more about that kind of stuff for dealing with critters where we live. our new house has carpenter ants and we have to make them go away.

Freda said...

Thanks Hank,

Things are gettin' better bit by bit. My shoulder still hurts when I get up. I am hopin' that my new dog food helps me.



Freda said...

Hey Schnoodlepooh, Bailey and Baxter,

Thanks for your concern. Our tummies are better but now my allergees are back and I am tryin' to avoid takin' my meds. Humans are sooo sneaky tryin' to get us to take that bad tastin' stuff.

Carpenter ants? Did you guys have an extra room built onto your house? Arf! Arf! When we are REALLY invaded by ants we use Terro. Unfortunately it makes them dead. We have tried cinnamon, orange peels and coffee grounds. Hard to tell if they really work. It appears that they don't like to cross cinnamon. My secretary found a site that might give you some more natural ant controls. Try



jayne said...

Whew--thanks for the info on the speeders. Came just in time, too. My mom found TWO by the go-for-a-walk door this morning. ICK! As little as I am....let's just say I got extra cuddles 'cuz it scared her way too much.

A.C. the Wonder Dog