My human has only one twos, one twos (twos) legs, doesn't think like us and he has been called weirds. I like that in a familys man. He is stubborns like me. He likes his beer dark. He could be called an Eclectic Peeps. Most of all, he loves me and I like that. DeltaBunny will journal our lives togethers in the small Delta town of Rio Vista, California.

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23 May 2006


GOOD NEWS-Barbaro (Barbaro doing well; owners remain hopeful - Yahoo! News) is feelin' better. I'm feelin' better. Dad's feeling better. Dad's hippie team, Tyler (Tyler MacNiven - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) and B.J. (The Harvard Crimson :: News :: Alum Snags 1st in Reality Show Race) won the Amazin' Race last week.

May one two one two (first) Mom and Dad were in newer lens visitin' Mom's brother. Their house is one block west of the London Ave. Canal levee and two and a half blocks north of where that levee failed. Their home was spared. Good news.

The BAD NEWS is all their neighbors and friends and all the other humans that were not as lucky. Nothin' can be said about the destruction and desolation that Mom and Dad saw or the lonliness they felt walkin' and drivin' through the empty streets. Some streets had FEMA trailers at homes where the owners are tryin' to repair their homes and start a new life. Other streets where just empty. Other streets-normal. No damage, no emptiness, but different. Here are some pictures of what they saw. (REMEMBER, THIS IS ONE TWO ONE TWO (EIGHT AND A HALF) MONTHS AFTER KATRINA.)

The corpse of indianeers are still workin' on stablizin' the levees just down the street. Mom and Dad said that the poundin' and hammerin' of the big long pieces of steel into the levees was just down the block. It went on at all hours of the day and dark.

Nothin' can be said. (Dad says a lot can be said, but those inside the Beltway may not like it.)


Ivy said...

wowie, freda! seeing those picktures made me feel sorry all over again for the peepol and all those dogs and even catses that got stuck in newer lens wen the big stinky water came. my peepol told me about all the dogs that lost theyr peepol and it made me sad.

the bighead peepol in the beltway can talk about it all they want but they dont do any good unless peepol have love and share theyr stuff with the peepol who need it.

i wud share my rawhides and even my skweeky toys with the newer lens dogs but i dont know any.

Freda said...

Hey Ivy,

That's great that you still want to help. Things are lookin' up for our buddies in future disasters. The Humane Society at says:

'No Pet Left Behind in Disasters
The House also passed the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards (PETS) Act, H.R. 3858, in a landslide 349-24 vote. The PETS Act requires state and local emergency management agencies to take into account the needs of individuals with pets and service animals in the event of a major disaster. The HSUS and the HSLF are working hard to pass this legislation before the next hurricane season begins. If you have not yet contacted your two U.S. Senators about S. 2548, the Senate version of the PETS Act, please act now to help save pets before disaster strikes again.'

While my humans were in newer lens they read that the levees were built one two one two (one) foot lower than authorized by Congress in the 1970s and then heard that all those promised monies would not be available until this comin' August!

Dad wants to know why the same humans, that improperly designed and built the old levees, are fixin' and buildin' the new levees. He thinks the Dutch should do it. Has anyone heard of the Zieder Zee? See
for a comparison of technologies around the world.

You're right. Bighead peepols need to share. And the bighead peepols should leave the beltway and live with the real peepols and walk with their own pets instead of havin' a pet walker do it. The bigheads should pick up poop for a while. They should...

My secretary told me to stop. The bad bigheads may be readin' this. Hmmm.... I might just bark a bad phrase like poop bomb or somethin' to give them somethin' to do. Maybe wake them up.

My secretary called me a red bell rouser. What's that?



Sam I Am said...

We are GLAD that you are back.My mom was reading that In the immediate aftermath of Katrina, the non-profit organization that works exclusively to rescue and shelter animals in disasters arrived in Slidell, which had been completely destroyed by the hurricane. Prior to the storm, the Slidell Animal Control facility had been able to evacuate its animals but was unable to return to their flooded building. Noah’s Wish Founder and Director Terri Crisp worked with Slidell Animal Control to set up a temporary shelter in a large warehouse provided by the city. “Noah’s Wish did a fantastic job for the people of Slidell,” said Mayor Ben O. Morris. “There were no animals roaming loose on our streets and no reported dog bites. I am eternally grateful for this great organization and it’s most impressive leadership.”

Cal the Wonderdog said...

It takes so long to rebuild lives after a distaster of those proportions. Your pictures are awesome and remind me that there is always so much more to do even if the news people and news readers of the world forget about it.

Thanks for the info and pics of newer leans as it really is (and will continue to be for some time)

Günter said...

Hi Freda,

thanks for also informing us dogs abroad about the aftermath of Katrina. We live in Norway and of course we heard about the disaster when it happened, but as you may guess we haven't heard a thing afterwards..

Thanks for the information and pictures!

Robin said...


I am sadden by this pics.. hope everything get back to normal soon.

JuliaR said...

What a mess. Good reminder too, thanks. I agree with your Dad that the Dutch certainly have the expertise. I thought I read the Dutch had come over to consult. Maybe they are working on it.

Freda said...

Thanks Sam,

The humans in Slidell and Noah's Wish are reeeally cool. They had their heads together before and after Katrina. But they still have a lot to do, human wise. And they have gone through and are still goin' through a lot. My mom's brother's company has a lot of employees livin' in Slidell and apparently it is still a mess tryin' to get around the city. We hope things improve soon and that the big wind season that starts in three days treats them kindly like they treated their pets.



Freda said...

Thanks Cal,

Let's hope that the big wind season is a flop and all the big winds are little and stay in the big water. But they ARE a part of Mom Nature and humans have to learn to live with Mom Nature. I think the coasts need to be returned to Mom and humans live somewhere else. A visit is fine but not a buildin'.

You're welcome.



Freda said...

Hey Günter,

If you want to read more about things in newer lens you can go to Click on the KATRINA FLASHBACK area for some reeeelly neato graphics of the floodin' (Though the floodin' wasn't neato) and some revealin' articles. It is soooo informative.



Freda said...

Hey Robin,

Every day in the picky noon paper there are one two one two (100s) of city notices tellin' owners of abandoned homes that they have one two one two (30) days to tell the city what they plan to do with their homes or the city will decide for them. Guess that must be done so newer lens can get back on its paws.



Freda said...

Hey Julia,

You are right. The Dutch were consulted. Please see
. For a follow up story please see http:/neworleans.