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29 March 2006


Last weekend was just like watchin' Gilligan on the magic box. Mom and Dad had heard that a Chicago production company was goin' to be filmin' an advert for some company.

And... Action!

The company turned out to be ThanksUSA. I wanted to go but not knowin' exactly what was goin' to be happenin' my humans LEFT ME HOME, ALONE! They said they would be back in one two, one two (30) minutes. Well, that one two, one two (30) minutes turned into one two, one two (six) hours!

The premise of the commercial was a small town parade welcomin' home the troops on the Fourth of July. In March?, I barked.

That's a parade?

As Mom and Dad walked along the sidewalk, two ladies invited them to sit down on the curb with them. The ladies thought my humans were extras! Arf! Arf! So Mom and Dad become actors for the rest of the day.

Cut! Cut! Back to one!

It turned out pretty coool though. They met some neato humans, Andy, Milissa, Laura, Heather, Frank and Gary. They were the REAL extras.

Those ##*%$& banners have to be just right!

Mom and Dad learned to remember the spot where they were to return for each shot. I wondered if they 'marked' their spots, but I guess humans don't particularly like leavin' pee mail all over the place. (Except in the film Never Cry Wolf.)

Waitin' for their cue.

They even got a break for lunch! NO DOGGIE BAG!!!

Break time.

Mom and Dad said it was a very interestin' day. They learned a lot about bein' extras. And they will be very interested in the final cut. They said there will have to be a lot of editin'. The same humans were used in so many different scenes that if the advert is watched closely the lack of continuity will reeeally stick out. The lack of continuity in films reeeally bugs Dad.

Every thing worked out in the end though. When Mom and Dad got home I got a great ear massage.

Ah...yes! Right there. Purrrrrr. I mean, Ooooo....

I guess the advert will be out this summer on the three main networks, with or without my humans.


Cal the Wonderdog said...

Ok - very cool!

Maybe its the start of a new career for you humans :)

Tell them to bring you along next time - I bet the director would see you and want to be a co-star!


Freda said...

Hey Cal,

I think you barked it right. Mom and Dad were afraid that I would take over and steal their glory. Arf! Arf!



Jack Attack said...

One of my owners was in a comercial once when she was younger and one a news show once, a few years ago. She thought she was pretty cool. =D

I'm glad your parents got to be in a commercial! Thats fun! Too bad you couldn't be though! =( Maybe next time!

Ivy said...

hey hey freda! tell your peepol wen they are famous magic box stars, we want their autographs!

Freda said...

Hey Jack,

That's cool your girl human was in an advert and on the news.

I don't think my Mom and Dad want to work anymore. Mom will stop workin', AGAIN, in two weeks, and Dad thinks he can paint! Arf! Arf! Arf! Oh, my belly hurts! I think they just want to drink wine and rub my belly!

Dad use to be on the magic box and in the paper that catches bird droppin's every once in a while, because he use to work at the zoo. Humans always wanted to know what the animals ate. He didn't like it because they never got anything he barked, correct. He still does not like those people. They never listened. And still don't!



Hey Ivy,

And as for autographs-how about three Xs. That's how my dad 'signs' his name. Arf! Maybe that's why he likes to lap up Mackeson Triple X Stout.

So if anyone in this family is gonna be a star it will have to be me, the Fabulous Freda! Arf! Arf!

I think your peepols, Jack and Ivy, have a better chance than mine of havin' their stars in the grey hard thing they walk on.

Woof! (Action!)