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25 March 2006


Dad read this article (BBC NEWS | Canada seal cull gets under way) to me and I got a funny feelin' in my tummy. I don't think that is right, killin' all those seal puppies. I don't know if I like those Canned humans Canadians up there.

No, wait. I DO like some of those humans. I have a couple of buddies up there and their humans are cooool! They wouldn't do that.

My secretary says they can also be called Americans. He reminds me that we have had this discussion previously. All humans that inhabit North, Central and South America are called Americans. So those that live in Canada are Canadians AND Americans. Okay..., I bark. What do they call the humans that live in the United States? Oh, oh. I fell into that one. I guess they are called a lot of bad names right now. But several years ago, what were they called? Staties? USers. Hmmm...They certainly use a lot of stuff. American Americans? USAers? If a human says it is an American, it can be from many, many places. (Now I know why I don't like to bark my secretary any questions!)

Dad can't believe that Brigitte Bardot is one two, one two (71) years old. He's always lived in a dream world.

Bardot-is that like a dot com thingy?


Raisa Husky said...

Hahaha! Really enjoyed your post!
You know, my humans also talk to me about this American thing and says that some ppl get upset when they hear somebody saying "America" meaning just the US, because we live in the Americas too. But it is a quite complicated stuff indeed. Linguists here have discussed about the issue, but none of the names they tried worked out - the Portuguese word they invented(Estadudinense, sth like USAers) is only used in accademic papers and stuff like that. The most common word used in Brazil to reffer to people who are born in the US is Norte-Americano (North American), but it is not very accurate, because Canada and Mexico are also in North America. Reaaly complicated, I must agree.
Well, I don't mind much about that issue... I am a Siberian anyway!

Freda said...

Hey Raisa,

I'm glad your ppl are talkin' about the word American. As you bark, it is complicated stuff. We have got to come up with a term for U.S. Americans, if the humans can't do it.

You are a Siberian. I am part German (shepherd) and part United Kingdom (terrier). Oh no! Euro Trash! (ET) But is the UK really part of Europe? Another deep question. My humans like Europe, so I guess I'm okay.

Wait!... Wasn't there a film named E.T.? I don't think it was about me. Whoa. This is gettin' even more complicated. I better sleep on this.

Woof! (zzzzzz)


Raisa Husky said...

I am the only one who has Pedigree here. My Mummy and God (my owner) are mongrels - a mix of some European human breeds: Italian, French and Spanish (there is some Austrian blood, too).
I might write about that in my blog one day!

HanktheDog said...

The seal cull is tough to take. There's just something about killing the young in any species, much less seals, that makes you feel down. I'm sure my wolf ancestors wouldn't have a problem with it, but humans are just far too good at exterminating things.

Cal the Wonderdog said...

Sad post about the seal pups. But funny about the Americas thing. Then sad again about the Brigitte Bardot thing cause when I told my sidekick, he said he really really couldn't believe she was 1 2 1 2 71 years old.

"Are you sure that's not in dog years?" He asked.

Oh brother.


Jack Attack said...

The ONLY thing that makes killing the seals even REMOTELY ok, is that they eat ALOT of the fish in the sea, which inturn makes the fish go extinct and then all the animals like Polar Bears who depend on fish for food die off too. NOT saying I'm pro killing the seals. I'm just saying what I was told a few days ago =)Being a Canadian, I hear alot about this... Its sad really... =(

Ivy said...

i suppose you could call the peepol in the usa yankees. at least, thats what they called my peepol wen they lived in missis-slippy.

poor seal pups! i liked visiting the seals wen i swam in the pacific big water last yeer. they seemed like nice enuf folks, i cant imagine peepol wanting to kill them.

Freda said...

Hey Everydog,

Sorry it has taken me sooo long to reply. My secretary had some beagle, oops, legal stuff to attend to.

I slept on the big word your smart linguines invented, (Estadudinense). I like it. In English it could be barked 'U sayer'. Kinda like 'soothsayer'. My typist says that reminds him of readin' Shakespeare in high skool. (I didn't know he went to skool.)

And that petagree thingy. My Mom is part missis-slippy (Ruff, Ivy) and part native American (U.S.). I don't know which part is which. Dad, is a Heinz 57 mongrel. He is half Czech and half Duke's mixture. (English, Irish, Scottish, French, Spanish, etc. When all the royal families use to inter-marry.) I think his right half is Czech. Woof!

Some humans just aren't as smart as we are and don't know that our whole world is connected. Sometimes I think... No, I know, that humans belong on another planet. If humans were on a different planet this place would be a better place, but awfully lonely. Hmmmm..., no treats and no belly or ear rubs! Woof!

Apparently when I was in puppy skool I ran away or somethin' after I had learned to count up to two. So I count everythin' one two. The second one two means there's more than two. So my typist has to translate all my counters. And, my typist says I lost my endin' 'G somewhere. What ever that is. I've looked and I don't think I'm missin' any parts. He says that Ms. Bardot looks pretty good for one two one two (71). And he says that Gina Lowbrigida looks good for bein' one two one two (78) years old. Someone once asked her how she kept so trim(?). She said that she orders anything on the menu she wants but eats only one two one two (two or three) bites. I better do that. Just got back from the dog doctor gettin' my border collie, oops, teller eye/nose drops and found out I found one two one two (2) pounds!

I bet if the puppy seals kept their eyes closed then the humans couldn't see them. Those big eyes are, pardon the pun (typist), a dead give-a-way. Woof!

Sorry to dis you guys. I think of everybody as a friend unless they want to bite me or my humans. I think we should just let the seals eat the fish and the polar bears eat the seals. Let Mom Nature do her thing. We all know that when humans get involved things sometimes kinda get screwed up, as Dad says. Woof!

Mom's part missis-slippy. Her dad was from there. I have thought about the 'yankee' name too. Some humans might think that everyone here plays log ball. And I know some humans with red socks don't like yankees. Then other humans always tell the yankees to go home. And if you are a yankee you have to wear a blue suit or thin stripes. Dad doesn't like to wear suits. Woof!