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30 March 2006


Here I am watchin'
great plastic Bag Caper video where she is keepin' all the prey, that her humans got in the 'big jungle', inside those dangerous plastic bags. I knew there was a reason for all those warnin's on those bags!

Whoa! That was close!!!

Looks like she did a great job. Way to go Raisa! Check out her video.


Raisa Husky said...

Those plastic bags with prey inside ARE REALLY DANGEROUS!!! Have you ever noticed the noise those preys make inside the bags? It is scarring!

Sam I Am said...

freda,Your hard at work,That was nice of raisa to let us all know about the DANGEROUS plastic bags
I lso let my Paw Pals know!!!

Freda said...

Hey Sam,

My humans try to tame some of those p bags by recyclin' them. The others they use for my poop. Guess that will teach those p bags. WAIT!! P bags...POOP bags. Wow!



Cal the Wonderdog said...

Definitely must-see DV (Dog Video)

And thanks to you I now know that p-bags may start out evil but can be recycled for good.


Freda said...

Hey Cal,

Several barks. Raisa is a reeeeal star, humans need to recycle and I'm not stickin' my head into anymore p bags. Never know what might be in them. Wait, if you don't peek in there... I'm confused, again.



Spirit said...

Raisa should be in the movies! I bet Lassie would have some serious competition.

Freda said...

Hey Spirit,

You may or not know that Lassie is related to our buddy Cal at Cal just happened to post a bark about his uncle Mason (The new Lassie). Small world isn't it?



HanktheDog said...

I'll check it out. In the meantime, I enjoyed the pic at the computer.

Freda said...

Hey Hank,


Sometimes I spend WAY too much time at the magic typer.