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03 March 2006


This week I have been scratchin' my head tryin' to figure out why Dad has been sick. Yes, it is those allegrees thingies, but it's got to be more than just me, cats, grasses or trees. (If those grasses, cats or trees made me sick, I'd pee on them. Well, grass makes me sick and I do pee on it.) Sorry cats. Then I remembered that Mom and Dad LEFT ME HOME ALONE last Friday and went into town to watch Donkey Basketball. What ever the.....THAT is? When I finally saw the pictures Dad took, (He took my spy camera without askin'!!!) I figured out where the problem began. He was breathin' all that donkey dander! So along with the trees buddin', the donkeys may have helped do him in. (Take two pills and bark me up in the mornin'. Arf! Arf!)

I wonder if they play Dog Ball?

Dog, they sure won a lot of championships!

Well...They finally got a shot off!

My favorite.

Now I know why I didn't get to go. I'd be chasin' the..ah... ball all over....Arf! Arf!

While Dad was in bed one day, I heard the big brown movin' box stop in front of nuestra casa. OH DOG! WHAT'D I GET!!?? WHAT'D I GET!?!?!

Did I get a new bed?

Hmmm...Smells kinda yuckie.

Does this make Greenies?

I guess it was Mom's turn. It was a box from Glavlvalalvla. Mom likes to drink that dark brown water that so many humans have to have when the sun comes up. Dad says some humans put all kinds of stuff in it to make it taste good. AND they pay outrageous monies for just one cup. If it doesn't taste good in the first place, why drink it?

Barkin' of monies. Dad is happy that the poor place we live is makin' new monies. U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing | New Money | It is many colors together. Dad says it is startin' to look like real monies. Just like in Europe where monies look reeelly cool. Now, if only they would change the sizes of the different paper monies, he says, then it would be REAL monies.

P.S. Has Blogger changed their spell checker? It was automatically changin' words tonight. Or was it NSA? (National Spellin' Association) Arf!


Raisa Husky said...

I am sure the donkeys are behind the problems with you Dad!

Well, at least the 'monies' are still green and we can keep calling them "verdinhas" (the greens) down here!

Ivy said...

so cool freda, i love donkeys. they smell reely good and i can tell they are cool cuz no peepol EVER gives them a bath. i wish i wuz that cool. i hate baths.

but how come theyr playin basketball?!? my peepol have never ever seen donkeys playin anything but donkey games. maybe basketball is reely a donkey game after all?

my peepol eat stinky stuff too. i dont get it. they were makin good smellin food last night and i asked for sum and randy gave me a bite of ginger and it was SO YUKKY! how can they eat that stuff?

Freda said...

Hey Raisa,

You may be right. Dad's puppy human got reeeeelly sneezy around the great big donkeys at a rodeo once.

Dad wishes he could get some of those verdinhas but since I have him tied up to the magic typer he wouldn't have an opportunity to use them anyway. Arf! Arf! What do humans need greens for anyway, except for treats, Greenies, toys and dog food.



Freda said...

Hey Ivy,

I don't care if we don't get washed cuz then we smell even better. But when humans get clean and splash all that smelly juice on themselves it reeeelly makes me sneeze. I think they do that so they can catch other humans. Why don't they just use a mouse trap or somethin'?

I have seen elpharents play soccer on the magic box and my humans have seen reeeelly big donkeys play polo with humans on their backs. Maybe we are missin' somethin' here.

You beat me to the punch. I was thinkin' of writin' about my concerns about my fish eatin'. Your comment prompted me to do so. (See my blog.) I like sardines and they are reeeelly smelly. And I like garlic. Skeddy is great! You're right about ginger, but have you tried ginger cookies? Let me know if you do.