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04 March 2006


Just checked the race, The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, and noticed that they are goin' through Willow, Alaska. That's where Mom and Dad went for their very short honeymoon thingy. They were married in Anchorage a long time ago.

Hope those dogs are keepin' warm.

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puppytoes said...

that's such a romantic story...not that i know what romance is, mind you, but mommy thought it was neat that your mom & dad got to take a honeymoon in such an interesting/beautiful place. (my people did not go on a honeymoon, tho' life is a honeymoon for them, and they seem happy, so i guess it's okay)

my daddy wondered if the competitors in the iditarod had fun doing that. i took one look at all that was involved and came to the conclusion that even if they enjoyed all that work, i, for one, am quite content being a spoiled little girl not attached to a sled and/or other dogs for the purposes of racing through the frozen tundra...thank you very much!

hope you have a happyhappy week, freda! : )