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23 February 2006


Psychics Join Search for Missing Show Dog
This article, about the missin' whippet, Vivi, triggered, no, not Roy's horse, something in my typist's mind. (That's an ARF!) The lady that visited us last year and tasted good, fostered several greyhounds when she lived in Denver. Because of the whippet's shape, Dad thought of the hounds and went to the net. He found some really bad photos of some of our poor buddies that PUPPIES SHOULD NOT SEE! The Proof is in the Pictures from the Greyhound Protection League frightened me. (I hope they are exaggeratin', but probably not. But one never knows.)

This made me start thinkin'. Am I goin' to be replaced? OR, am I goin' to get a brother or sister? YEA!! Dad, says no to both questions. BOOOOO! Doggywise, I fill up both Mom's heart and Dad's heart. WHEW! YEA! They wish they could adopt another dog, YEA! but there is just no room at the inn. BOOOOO! Hey, I'll share my bed and my food. We can walk each other so Mom and Dad can stay home, but I understand. It does get crowded at times.

(I'll just bookmark some adoption sites and make one of them Dad's homepage and we'll see what happens. Maybe even extra treats for him. Hee, hee.)

Well, I sure hope they find Vivi soon.


HanktheDog said...

You're a generous soul, Freda.

Freda said...

Thanks Hank.



Spirit said...

My step sister takes all my toys and hides them from me. I guess that means I share too.

*wags tail*