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24 February 2006


My dad found this Q&A on the BBC web site. He thought you might be interested.

Q: I'd like to know whether the bird flu can spread to dogs - my Labrador is constantly picking up dead birds and eating them. I would like to understand (a) the risks of her catching bird flu, and (b) the chances of her then passing it on to us. Is this something the BBC could investigate and report on?
Lindsay Keswick, Bury St Edmunds

A: Your dog should be quite safe and probably most at risk from indigestion knowing what Labradors are prepared to eat! I don't know of any cases of dogs being infected with bird flu but tigers certainly can be. Of more concern would be your dog picking up an infected duck or swan and bringing it home. But that's a pretty remote risk given that we haven't had a single case in the UK to date.


Ivy said...

thats reely good to know, freda. thanks for sharing. i dont go for the birds myself, but some of my dog friends like to chase them and they dont want to get the bird flu!

Sam I Am said...

thank you for passing that info on to us.We have lots of birds where we live, Dose this mean that our dogs will have ot get the flu shots,
I wonder will the government bring into force human quarantine restrictions if an outbreak occurs, regardless of where an outbreak occurs?