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06 December 2005


Last night mom and dad were so intent on designin' our outdoor lightin' display we forgot about St. Nick's Day.

Doesn't that look like a slice
of green Wonder Bread?

At least it isn't the Stay Puft family...

Who ya gonna to call?

or the Griswold's place...

Carnival House

For our family, St. Nick's Day is our opportunity to "send" our Christmas list to Father Christmas. Every St. Nick's Eve we each hang our stockin' with care with our wish list inside. How else does Santa know what we want for Christmas? Overnight the elves break into the house, just kiddin', they arrive and pickup the letters. IF, we have been good, we wake to find goodies in our stockin'. If we have been rascals, we will find potatoes or coal. I guess I won't be gettin' anything for Christmas. See St. Nicholas Day Saint Nicholas ::: Who is St. Nicholas? for a history of St. Nick's Day and other related customs.

After strain' his brain tryin' to design a slice of bread, Dad thinks it's best if he truly becomes a Pantheist. That way everyone is covered and any type of decoration will work. He wanted to put up a rabbit or dinosaur in lights but Mom said no. Maybe she'll let him put up an aluminum pole for Festivus.

I think we need some red lights for a jar of strawberry jam and peanutty lights for the peanut butter. Then get rid of the green crust. Then...

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Amstaffie said...

That piece of Wonder Bread makes me hungry!