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20 December 2005


Five years ago I adopted my current human family. A big celebration. Right! Noooo...So what did they do? They left me all alone for much of the day. Well, more about that a little later. The mornin' started great for me but bad for my humans. After my mornin' stretches and tummy rubs I couldn't wait to get out to the garage. I sensed somethin' out there...

I see you, Mickey! Come on little guy...

It has been rainin' a lot the past several days and that means that little furry things kinda invade our garage. So Dad feeds them peanut butter, but the meal doesn't last long. Those with queasy stomachs need not look at the next photo.

Those PB&Js will get you every time.

Bein' part terrier this is great! Dad lets me retrieve the critters and I get to toss them once or twice then they are wrapped in a plastic bag and disposed of. Today was garbage day so he just put it in the garbage, naked. The mouse that is. (Dad doesn't mind but... the neighbors, ya know.)

Well, I wasn't finished.

I know it's in here. Ah, ha!!

One more time!

Dad said that was enough. 'Yes, it is a varmint and you are a hunter, but let him rest in peace'.

So, about later..... Dad was gettin' fitted for soft contacts today. They are so complicated he got a CD to watch that shows him how they work or somethin' like that. He's been wearin' hard lens for one two, one two (35) years. What's the big deal?

Dad's not into those 'Chick Flicks'.
I know he's not gonna like it.

He hasn't watched it yet. Guess I know what he'll be doin' le matin, when he should be playin' with me!

But I guess Mom and Dad made it up to me. Kinda. They brought home a new 'vole'.

Give it to me already!

But it's for a C-A-T!!

That Mary Jane stuff is cool though!
What? Oregano? Ya, right!

Apparently they don't make furry toys that would tempt a terrier so my parents have to resort to C-A-T stuff sometimes. Bless'em. They try.

Over all, it was a good day.

Dad... where's my....oregano?


Cal the Wonderdog said...

Wow Freda, your whole post is an adventure! I had to read it twice (okay three times)

We have a mouse in our house; got in during the construction on the new addition. He or she won't fall for any trap and my humans have tried every kind and bait imaginable. I hear in crawling around at night, but I haven't been able to lay a paw on him yet!

Now about that catnip - you might use it to trap a cat. We have a neighborhood cat named Hercules - he loves that stuff! We have a couple of sculptors across the street that plant the stuff in their garden. I'd pounce on him, but he gets crazy hissy and unpredictable; doesn't know how to play at all.

Anyway, have fun!


JuliaR said...

Lucky Freda! A furry toy of your own and one that won't decay and stink. Hmm, you say you like the smell? Well there's no accounting for taste.

Freda said...

Hey Cal,

Thanks. One has to view each day as an adventure. The point bein' in havin' as many adventures as you can. Some times I get carried away when dictatin' to my secretary and I have to lick him awake after he slumps over the magic typer. Sometimes he gets the words tangled up and I spend all night editin'.

I can send you some of that oregano stuff so you can trap a cat which in turn can catch the furry guy. You might have to call a truce for one two, one two (several) days though.

Does your mouse wear red pants? I don't think we're suposse to catch that one. He's got some big entertainment deal goin'.

Good luck!



Freda said...

Hey Rockwell's Mom,

Did you notice my 'vole' is black and tan like me? Now I have to watch out. I may think my reflection in that weird window is my new vole and attack it.

Maybe the cats I lived with for five months (It was kinda a rocky truce.) had some 'nip in their toys. Guess the aroma reminds me of them. Kinda weird, isn't it.

Bark to Rockwell for me.