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11 December 2005


Dad got ready for jury duty tonight. He set the nav system...

Houston, we have a problem.

He was once a Boy Scout. So 'Be Prepared' is one of his many mottos.

Hard copy. The good ole backup.

And I got to watch while sittin' on my new doggie seat cover. Got to protect that cow skin. Wonder how it tastes?

The co-pilot's seat, sort of.

Everythin' is packed up. Book, water, food, ear plugs, (ARF! ARF!), jury papers. Everythin' is A-OK.
Watch out bad guys!

What!!?? I'm not goin'!!!!??? I can sniff out the bad guys and pee on 'em! Hey, Lassie! Help! RUFF, RUFF, RUFF! ARRG! WOOF!


Cal the Wonderdog said...

What?! They don't let dogs into the courtroom?

We can sniff out any crook a mile away, you're so right Freda. What crook would want to go back to a life of crime if us dogs peed on 'em every time they broke the law? Oh well, I hope your secretary brings you back all the details so you can write the next episode of Perry Mason or Law and Odor or whatever those TV shows are. (I don't know what they are 'cause my humans only turn on the TV for old movies and stuff on discs.)

Anyway, hang in there. And keep your eyes out for bad cats and squirrels around the neighborhood . . .


Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Hahaha, great pics and photos - thanks for the laugh!

Take care!

Charlie said...

I think dogs like us would make the best jurors! Sniff, sniff - this guy smells like he's been petting a cat... I bark "guilty"!

Sam I Am said...

We read that;
The case, Illinois v. Caballes, concerned a routine traffic stop for speeding. While the officer was writing the ticket, another officer with a drug-sniffing dog arrived. The dog alerted to the trunk, where marijuana was found (how much marijuana is unclear, but the sentence was twelve years imprisonment and a fine over $250,000, so I'm guessing "lots").

In upholding the dog sniff, Justice Stevens relied on the fact that the motorist was not detained any extra time during the stop (i.e., the canine patrol arrived while the speeding ticket was still being issued). In other words, as long as the motorist is not delayed or otherwise "inconvenienced," there is no Fourth Amendment violation.

The implications of Caballes are utterly staggering. As both Justice Souter and Justice Ginsburg observe in their dissents, there can now be no question that random, suspicionless drug-sniffing dog sweeps of unoccupied vehicles in parking lots or garages and on curbsides would almost certainly be completely permissible under the Fourth Amendment.

Cal the Wonderdog said...

Freda, what are you doing during jury doody? Do the jury members have doodies. Who cleans it up? I have so many questions.

Thanks for the great article and thoughts about cleaning - pos or negative?

If you can escape tomorrow before the wash, that would be good. If not, milk it for lots of treats - that might make it ALMOST worth it!


IndyPindy said...

I don't see why we can't be on juries. That's not fair!

They should at least have dog juries for dogs who have broken the law!

M-Fax said...

Bosco is asking for everyone's help......go to his site for details

HanktheDog said...

Nice seat cover. But I'm afraid the seats in the Hankmobile are pretty much a lost cause so I'm only getting an old blanket.