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22 December 2005


From my typist's friend who lives with a C-A-T. You may not want to have your humans read you the bottom portion highlighted in red. I disagree with whom is "Masterin'" whom. The C-A-T-S have it backwards, again.

I know everydog can find themselves in one or more of the followin'. I did.

How many dogs does it take to change a light bulb?

1. Golden Retriever: The sun is shining, the day is young, we've got our whole lives ahead of us, and you're inside worrying about a stupid burned out bulb?

2. Border Collie: Just one. And then I'll replace any wiring that's not up to code.

3. Dachshund: You know I can't reach that stupid lamp!

4. Rottweiler: Make me.

5. Boxer: Who cares? I can still play with my squeaky toys in the dark.

6. Lab: Oh, me, me!!!!! Pleeeeeeeeeze let me change the light bulb! Can I? Can I? Huh? Huh? Huh? Can I? Pleeeeeeeeeze, please, please, please!

7. German Shepherd: I'll change it as soon as I've led these people from the dark, check to make sure I haven't missed any, and make just one more perimeter patrol to see that no one has tried to take advantage of the situation.

8. Jack Russell Terrier: I'll just pop it in while I'm bouncing off the walls and furniture.

9. Old English Sheep Dog: Light bulb? I'm sorry, but I don't see a light bulb!

10. Cocker Spaniel: Why change it? I can still pee on the carpet in the dark.

11. Chihuahua: Yo quiero Taco Bulb. Or "We don't need no stinking light bulb."

12. Greyhound: It isn't moving. Who cares?

13. Australian Shepherd: First, I'll put all the light bulbs in a little circle...

14. Poodle: I'll just blow in the Border Collie's ear and he'll do it. By the time he finishes rewiring the house, my nails will be dry.

15. Airedale: I'll just sit here and bark until my humans change it for me so I can see.

How many cats does it take to change a light bulb?

Cats do not change light bulbs. People change light bulbs. So, the real question is:

"How long will it be before I can expect some light, some dinner, and a massage?"



Robin said...

Nice post!

Merry Christmas, DeltaBunny and EVERYONE!

Sam I Am said...

It so nice to hear from you,What no Weimy's for the light ,We do like #6 and #8 very funny,
Have a very Merry Christmas,

FH2O said...

Enjoyed reading that!
Merry Christmas!

Freda said...

Hey Sam,

Merry Christmas to you too. Jury duty, gardenin' and family things have kept my typist otherwise occupied. All he is suppose to be doin' is typin' my barkation. How hard can that be? Will have to get more chocolate for bribes. All the best for the holidays!



Freda said...

Hey Robin,

Thanks. And Merry Christmas to you too.



Freda said...

Hey fh2o,

Thanks. Neato isn't it. (Except that C-A-T part. )

Merry Christmas to you.



Cal the Wonderdog said...

Hi Freda, I think it that is very accurate about the different kinds of dogs (though I hate to generalize)

The cat part is about right. But they usually can't manipulate people as well as the press makes that out to be. a lot of times I see them annoying their humans a lot and think - a dog would NEVER do that!

they must have a good use though, . Ummm don't they? . .. .


Freda said...

Hey Cal,

Those C-A-T humans are a different breed, aren't they. Arf! Arf!

Merry Christmas.