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09 December 2005


Today I helped Mom and Dad change light bulbs. They are some crazy lookin' ones. Curly ones and some that look like a big whale head or somethin'.

Careful. Don't hurt yourself.

Mom says that we will be savin' money (That means more treats!) and energy. So I guess that means less of the colored house gases waftin' skyward. Wonder if I should stop munchin' on grass? Dad says it won't counter all the hot air produced inside the Beltway unless every human changes their light bulbs and drives itty bitty movin' boxes.

Well, Dad didn't heed my warnin' and hurt his back climbin' off the ladder. This guy is a danger to himself. On top of that, he called the U.S. District Court and found out he has to go to Sacramento, 55 miles away, and hang someone next week. I feel sorry for the criminal that has to face the jury my dad may serve on. They don't call him the 'Hang'em High Human' for nothin'! Arf! Arf! Judge Roy Bean, anyone? Anyone?

To keep track of all my friends' I hooked up with Bloglines. Thanks to Lakrids', (A Dog's Life), mom's blog, Small Adventures. Some of the sites I tried subscribin' to could not be added to my list. I hope to get them on there some day.

So I am goin' to try to tweak my blog. Hope it is still around after the experiment.


M-Fax said...

happy blog rolling, I think that something has put your columns out of I am looking, your right hand list is now way down at the bottom. This is usually just a small tweek to fix. Anything that was added recently that may be to wide, for example that blog rolling pic.

Have a great day and thanks for visiting the chocolate!

HanktheDog said...

Those humans, always climbing something. It's sure a pain in the neck for us dogs.

Freda said...

Hey Hank,

Yeah, and when they fall and break their leg we have to drag'em all over the place lookin' for a doctor. Then all they do is shoot'em. No..that's horses, isn't it? Poor horses! Isn't there a movie about that?