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20 October 2005


Yippee! ARF!! ARF!!! My 'Be Kind' collar arrived today. I may be the first one around here to have one. Wore it tonight on my walk but I didn't see anyone. I wanted to tell them all about 'Be Kind'.

Pretty cooool!Posted by Picasa

Tule will be here tomorrow and she will get her 'Be Kind' collar. Woof! Woof!


IndyPindy said...

Freda, I must say, that collar is both stylish, flattering (it's very slimming) and also socially conscious. Now that you have been photographed wearing one, I'm sure we'll see Britney Spears and Paris Hilton's dogs wearing them!

At that point you should get rid of yours. They are such cheap trend junkies!

Cal the Wonderdog said...

I want one too! So I'm going to break open my piggy bank. How many milk bones does one cost anyway. Humans never convert dollars to dog currency . . .


Pimm said...

You look beautiful! I hope you have fun with Tule. I may like to complain about Holly, but I'd be lost without her.Can Tule come live at your house?

L^2 said...
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L^2 said...

Hi Freda,

Sorry, I goofed up the first one. What I was trying to say is:

You look great in your new "Be Kind" collar! You are so lucky you already got yours. I'm still waiting for mine. It seems like Mom ordered one for me, Stella, and Talon forever ago! I hope ours didn't get lost in the mail.

--Leader Dog Willow

Freda said...

Hey Indypindy, Cal, Pimm and Willow,

Thanks for the great response!

Indy, I hope that Par and Brit (We're on a first bark basis-ARF!) don't see these collar photos. Back Human Magazine!

I have posted some info about the collars and bracelets on my blog.

The collars start at one two, one two milk bones, Cal. O'Ruff, Dad says they start at $3.00 for one, $5 for two and get cheaper. See and if you can't wait.

Pimm, Tule wears me out. She is only two and a half and I'm almost ten, I guess. And Mom is getting annoyed with one dog's drool on the wooden floors. What would happen with two dogs droolin' every day? Wasn't there a song about Droolin' Canines or somethin' like that?

Hey Willow, did you check your mom's neck. She may be starting a new fashion craze. You never know!

Thanks again every dog!



Sam I Am said...

What a AWESOME ides . Finaly
Somebody is thinking . Thats 3 BIG
WOOF Woof WOOF. May I say that you look so nice wearing it.Thank you for sharing ..