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23 September 2005


Just the other day I was mentioning to my leash carrier/secretary that it had been rather quiet around here lately, wildlife wise. The red-winged blackbirds were gone. Just a few loggerheads, belted kingfishers and western meadowlarks. Then boom! We saw two green herons. One flew off with a froggie in its beak. Poor froggie. Guess he didn't plunk his magic twanger.

Then last week began a real revival of wildlife activity at Watson Hollow. We were strolling along the pond when I stopped. 'Somethin's in that wild fennel', I snorted.

Sshhhh... There's somethin' here close and look at that egret
(white speck) way back there in the distance.
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I heard some low cackling then a loud flutter and about one two, one two [That's as high as I can count. (My chronicler said about eight)] hen pheasants flew up and coasted over to the other side of the pond. Dad said a bunch of pheasants is called a Bouquet or Brood. I call it a meal.

Fly away! Fly away! Posted by Picasa

ARRRFF! Was that ever exciting! The other day Dad said he saw a cock pheasant on the other side of the community. I think that male pheasant is strutting around the wrong weed patch.

Today was a great dog day for dog and human alike. On our morning walk we saw three "otters" lying in the sun next to the pond in Watson Hollow.

Otters catchin' some rays. Posted by Picasa

Then we saw a green heron fly in and then an great egret! To add to this great morning we even got some pictures. Fuzzy, but NASA can do wonders with fuzz.

Green heron looking for breakfast. Posted by Picasa

Tower to E-Bird. Landing gear A-OK. Posted by Picasa

Safe landing. Time for brekkie. Posted by Picasa

Then we heard and then saw the good ol' red-winged blackbirds. Nice to have some music at the pond again.

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Oreo said...

Hey! Thanks for coming to visit me! You have a very nice blog with lots of great pictures. You look like you could maybe be a mighty hunter, like me (just not as good!! HEHEHE).