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15 August 2005


We're on our own again. Mom has flown to St. Louis, so we are in charge of the house. Hope Dad can handle it.

Yesterday on our walk I found a baby headless snake. How they can live without a head I'll never know.
Ta dah!

Famous headless snake Posted by Picasa

A nice aroma. Great mouth feel. A little green grass essence. Maybe some wild fennel and cat tail. Yes, a good year.

A great nose Posted by Picasa

Let's dive in Posted by Picasa

I'm getting a bath on Friday. Why not.

When we got home Dad said he wanted to do a little weeding and pruning. Did I want to help? Sure, but we don't have any prunes here. I know, they're just old plums. Ta dah!

Let's see. A little quality check. Has he really been working or just scarfin' that stout?

Anything for the inspector? Posted by Picasa

Hey, you've got a couple of those slow boat thingys in here. Posted by Picasa

Being that is was a little warm outside we retired to the house for lunch, treats and a tummy rub.

While inside, our friend 'The Pheeb' came by to check out our plant destruction progress.

Black phoebe Posted by Picasa

Due to the heat and loss of interest in our project we remained inside to paint and listen to old time radio programs.

After our evening walk we settled down to work on my blog.

Wool blankie already? Posted by Picasa

By bedtime it had become quite cool. Dad had to pull out his Aussie wool blankie for the night. Hard to believe it can get so cold after it being so hot. Just like the Sahara he says.


Cal the Wonderdog said...

Haven't seen a snake on land yet, just in the water once. I didn't attack it, I like to see what it's gonna do first and I wasn't sure. But that one definitely had a head.

I think "pruning" doesn't necessarily mean prunes are involved and may actually be spelled "Peru-kneeing" which got it's name from gardeners in Peru who knee their plants in the buds for good luck. (Editor's note: Cal is trying to hone his sense of humor; not having much luck at present, sorry about that one)

That Eastern Phoebe that hangs out at our Northern Wisconsin cabin has nested a ways away now giving some relief to sleep-in humans around here, Phoebe goes off at 5am in the distance - humans don't hear it (or work it into their dreams) and sleep in till 9:30! Man, that's testing the old doggie bladder.

Great post Freda! Looks like your Summer is still going strong.


Freda said...

Hey Cal,

We had some loud bird that hit us about the same time earlier in the summer. Tried to catch sight of it but it was too crafty. Haven't heard much lately.

I know what you mean about bladder control. Every once in a while the snoozers get up late (eight or so) but at least I get to the back yard to pee in a few minutes. It's the wait for the walk and poop time that gets me. I have pooped only once in the backyard during the past two years. I should learn to go in the back more often, butt (Ha, ha!) if I did that my typist would get NO exercise at all. Just Peru-kneeing (Great!) and painting. My humans say that they did not see any Peruvians kneeing anything but llamas and vicunas when they went there several years ago. Did you see that in a travelogue or something? Nice one Cal!



Pimm said...

Are those "spam" comments on your blog? I keep hearing my mom talk about spam, and think I might like to taste it. What's your mom doing in St Louis? Is she coming to pet me?

Freda said...

Yah Pimm,

I think they are SPAM. Will remove them. I had a really large SPAM a day or two early and definitely reported them. Guess I'll have to change my Commemts filter. Too bad.

If you lived in Hawaii you could eat Spam all day. I hear it is their fav food. I saw Spam once and didn't like the iggily wiggily stuff around the meat! Both kinds of SPAM are a no no here.

Mom was in your neck of the woods for several days helping to train a bunch of human teachers in a human student writing program in the school district there. She got home at four this morning. Please see my next posting.