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10 August 2005


The next morning Dad looked terrible and sounded worse. He tried getting out of bed but couldn't.

Mummified typist Posted by Picasa

'HEY DAD! IT'S TIME TO WALK!' 'Yah, right!', I think I heard him grumble. Well, that day we took cart rides instead of walking. That was cool.

While he was attempting to prepare a very late breakfast I stuck my nose in the pantry. Something didn't smell right. Oh, oh! Guess what...

'Hey Dad. Aren't these those little bitey things I find on the voles outside? What are they doing here?'

Ants' picnic Posted by Picasa

This made him very happy, as you can dream. Everything stopped. Out came the food stuffs and in went the ant bait.

Why do humans need so much food? A good vole, some
bugs and grass. A tummy rub. What more does one need?
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My crying (Just kidding) typist said it was time to Tanqueray with Mr. Sinclair but he was too ill to enjoy it.

After the ant parade, I thought I should do something that would make my typist happy. (If your typist is unhappy-no bloggin'. Right?)

Look what I did, Dad. I made little Fredas just for you. Posted by Picasa

With the high degrees lately I have really been sheddin'. I get brushed every morning (Except the past two days. My brusher has been ill.), but it really doesn't do much good. It feels good though.

During the day Dad took lots of chemicals. He was 'asleep' even before it was dark. That night he was up even more times and sounded even scarier. Those scary movies have nothin' on my guy human when he has been hit with those allegories. Or something like that. He said this is the worst he has ever suffered. I remember my first spring here. With all the new pollens and grasses I really started licking myself. It was taken care of and this year I had very little problem. Knock on bone! So now Dad is taking the same medication I took and it has turned him into a zombie.

Yesterday was another lost day. Several cart rides. By evening the monster was feeling a little better. Kinda like the ol'
Heckle and Jeckle: (Don Markstein's Toonopedia) thing. Last night was much more peaceful. He only woke me five times.

The problem is we are suppose to be taking care of the house, besides bloggin' and paintin'. Clean the bathrooms, dust, vacuum, etc. By the time Mr. Zombie feels well enough to clean the house our chance to read more blogs and emails will be lost. What a bummer.

As you can tell, today, he feels better. Now he is going through the cold and hot flashes. Yes, he is a guy. I think. He smells like one.

I think I did a pretty good job customizing. Hard to tell
which is the real one
. Guess I should have kept the tail.Posted by Picasa

While he was still feeling better this moaning (No misspelling), I took my vole buddy out to compare it to a real one we had just caught. Pretty cool!

Please excuse any time continuum problems you may have encountered in this or the previous posting..
My typist is still rather groggy.

Einstein's field equation, modified - basis for space/time continuum.

See what I mean.

Hopefully my poor typist will get a good night's sleep tonight. Then up and at 'em tomorrow and begin cleaning.


Splash said...

It looks like those ants are writing something.....looks like a "B"....bones? biscuits? balls? What could the next letter be?

Cal the Wonderdog said...

Oh man, I've never been as sick as your human but yesterday I threw up pretty bad and liquid fun was shooting from places where things are supposed to come out sol . . . well, you know. My human said he will censor any blog that gets out of hand so I'll stop there.

Hope everyone is feeling tip-top soon and you get lots of tummy rubs.

P.S. Oh and once I ate a dead fish part (I think that's what it was) and then, you wouldn't believe I *censored* and then I *censored* and then I upchucked a *censored* and then, oh boy I just about *censored*.


Editor's note: Please excuse Cal, ever since he came of age last month, the language, pheww! I hope he gets though this teenage stage quickly.

Freda said...

Hey Splash,
My human thinks the ants were going to spell 'bye bye'. They have left for the moment. I bet they'll be baa..ack.

Hope you are feeling better. I had the runs the other day. Ate lots of grass, took it easy on the food and am better today. I think it may have been Mom being gone and the high degrees.

Tell your editor that my human's language can be pretty blue at times. Especially when he accidently sees that shrub on the magic box. I tell him we dogs know what to do to shrubs and the like.

What's life all about without a little spice. Stay away from those dead fish (Now I see why you were trying to catch some live fish with your buddy) and forever stay young.