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10 August 2005


Sunday Mom left for Susanville. That's way up north and east in our state. As usual I helped Dad detail the car so Mom had a nice clean car to cruise around in. My humans tell me that Echo, their previous dog, use to drink the vinegar water they used to clean windows. Hmph! I don't do such things.

What's next? Posted by Picasa

Just before Mom leaves my leash carrier and I go for a walk so I don't see her leave and get disjointed. As usual, I put on my walking gear and waited for Dad to get his hat. I began tossing my vole buddy around when he rolled under the car.

Oops! Posted by Picasa

Remembering what happened to Fluffy, I pondered my options. Leave him there and come back to find a vole flapjack or... I actually crawled under the car and retrieved him!

Come here little buddy. I'll help you. Posted by Picasa

I felt so proud. Pointer, retriever. What next?

While we were on our walk Mom took off. When we got home we were ready to rock and roll! Time to paint, catch voles, blog, catch voles, catch up on e-mail, the vole thing again, watch Greg the Bunny, watch the shuttle... Well, things didn't work out as we planned. You know, 'the best laid plans of dogs and... whomever'.

Greg the Vole Bunny Posted by Picasa

We did get to watch Greg. He's sooo funny, but like I said before, he can burn your ears a bit. Well, at least mine. My human didn't seem to mind. Doesn't Greg look like a brown vole with long ears? Hmmm..?

After helping dad detail the car earlier I got an idea and decided to 'detail' my pet vole. I think he looks a little better now.

'Detailing' my friend Posted by Picasa

Then Dad decided that I was bored and invented a game for me. Ya. Like I wouldn't have done that.

Vole tubing Posted by Picasa

Later he found a smaller tube and created a 'Vole in the Tube Pop-up' (Pat. Pending). It drives me crazy!

Pop-up Vole Posted by Picasa

Later that night I told Dad that I wanted to read my friends' blogs and see what they were up to. It had been way too long. He said that was a wonderful idea. We began to cruise the blogs. Dog, there was a lot of stuff going on out there! It was great. Then the ringer rang and Dad had to talk to people and stuff. So we didn't get much done in the way of blog reading after that. Once more outside to check the vole traps and bedtime for me.

Over night the wind came up really strong. Something came into the house and woke my typist guy up. He made all kinds of weird noises. He was up many times while it was still dark. The only time I can remember him being up while it was dark was when he was working. In the morning he sounded REALLY weird...

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Cal the Wonderdog said...

What a cool toy I ever saw!

I want one, I want one. Hey human, read this, pahleeeeeeese!!!

You are one lucky dog.