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24 June 2005


Well, we have been home for several days. Mom and my typist had a great trip to Cannon Beach and tsunami land, but more about that later. Now the important stuff. Back to the tail tale of the vole. Several things have transpired. I showed Dad the trail. I collected more evidence.

Trail with 18 inch ruler. Posted by Hello

Dad said that things were getting out of hand. I get treats out of his hand but didn't see anything like treats near the scene. He had a good idea what we were up against. We did a little research and found out what these creatures can do some really bad stuff to shrubbery (Knights who say Ni - Wikipedia) and what could be done about it. It involves some mean things but my yard is not the place for destructive critters. We thought about live trapping whatever was lurking out there, but could not come up with a good plan. Unfortunately it was decided to use snap traps.

Guarding the traps. Maybe voles steal traps. Posted by Hello

Dad set up some snap traps with peanut butter and oatmeal. I waited and waited, but nothing. With no action on the trap front, I began stalking the prey on my own.

Step one Posted by Hello

First find the trail or spoor.

Step 2 Posted by Hello

Follow it wherever it goes.

Step 3 Posted by Hello

I smellll something...

Step... Posted by Hello

Ah ha! A fresh trail. Shhhh! There it is! CHARGE!! I dashed through the tree mallow and after a short chase... GOT IT! My first whatever! Dad was right behind me-for MY protection. What an arf! Anyway, he refereed the match. Guess he didn't want me to get hurt. I tossed the small furry animal high into the air a couple of times, just like one of my toys. It was great fun. I wanted to play with my new found friend some more, but I guess I was a little too rough. The little fellow ceased to move. That's no fun. Dad declared at 1614 hr (Just like CSI).

My first vole? Posted by Hello

The hunt was soooo fast and furious my paparazzo was unable to catch it on 'film'.

I had captured my first vole.

Recording measurements for Boone and Crockett. Posted by Hello

I'm not into killing animals unless they are a real nuisance, are causing damage and there is no other way to control their behavior. Now that I had 'captured' my first wild animal, I thought that I might try to get my 'trophy' into the Boone and Crockett Club record book.

Wonder what the record is for a California vole? Posted by Hello

(B and C doesn't except 'toy tossing' as a legitimate hunting method.) Oh, well. I had a great time. I feel sorry for the vole but this is what we terriers do.

Sam the beautiful all-black German Shepard Dog, I have 'met' the vole and it was fun. And thanks Heidi-The Way Under Dog. I know there will be other encounters of the vole kind.

We have learned something about voles. Do not let your shrubbery get overgrown. The male human likes the wild look but me thinks the wilderness area in our backyard provided the perfect habitat for those little critters. Hmm... Mom had recently suggested we maintain a little order in the garden. We females are always right!

A day later-

Former(?) vole home. Posted by Hello

Dad, who thinks he's a gardener, pruned back the shrubs. I kinda trashed this lime colored one so Dad had to cut a lot out. (See below.) If this works and the furries move I will miss my daily vole patrol. I could keep up the patrols for practice though. One never knows.

Oops! Posted by Hello

This is where I like to sit for my vole spotting. I guess the trimmed shrubs will make it easier to see the little critters if they are still around.

I am glad voles are little things. Anything larger and I wouldn't have this tale to tell.


Kate said...

Very impressive hunting skills! I enjoy tracking little wild critters too, when I have the free time.

Best wishes from
Princess, GSD owned by

Sam the beautiful all-black German Shepherd Dog! said...

Congratulations Hunter Freda! Great story with an amazing ending. Too bad your humans didn't let you keep the little critter as a toy. I'll bet it smelled great. At our house we have a problem with gophers. My human says they are eating her native plants especially the armerias and bunch grasses. Unfortunately I can't hunt anymore, and Elsa the slug, who supposedly caught a gopher a few years back, just lounges around on her comfy bed.

Splash said...

Nice job Freda! I myself have never caught anything, but one of the dogs who used to live here caught a couple of rats. Nice big fat ones. Mom was not pleased to see rats, even dead ones. Odd.

I wanted to tell you that the winery we went to last year is having another open house. They WANT dogs to come. Last year they gave me cookies and water. Tell your dad to look here:
Mutt Lynch Dog Days

Freda said...

Thanks everyone. I really enjoyed the hunt, but I think the big guy may have foiled the voles. I hope not, but he does. I haven't sniffed anything encouraging lately. Maybe next year. Then again, there is always the neighbors. Hmmm...time for the old midnight snipe, no, vole hunt.

Thanks for the reminder, Splash. Will put that in my calendar and remind you know who about the goings on at the winery. That is just their name and not a verb, I hope.