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12 June 2005


Whew! Can't believe May is gone and it is almost the middle of June. So much has happened since my last posting. We have been 'sooo' busy. Gardening, 'Spring' cleaning, vole hunting, editing the humans' road trip photos (still editing!). Dog, did they take a lot of worthless shots. I should have been with them. Their composition sucks! We have seen lots of neat bugs/insects, a new mammal and a new bird. Dad had to fly back to Colorado for a few days. I don't understand. He just got back and had to leave again. Tule was here for a long weekend. More about all that stuff when I have more time. Thought I better get my typist going again or he may forget how to type. As you know, I certainly can't type! Thought I would attach a few photos to keep this interesting.

My turn to dust Posted by Hello

I love it when the humans dust. The dusty thing reminds me of a fuzzy nudibranch - (Wikipedia) I once saw on an Animal Planet show about the creatures the live on the bottom of the ocean. It feels really neat when I can grab it and run away with it. Makes a great toy.

Baby wasps Posted by Hello

I don't like wasps! I stepped on one and it really hurt me. I had a sore foot for an hour or so. But I'm okay now.

Baby American robins Posted by Hello

The baby robins have all grown up and moved away. So much happened with the babies while we were gone.

I guess the house finches moved on also. But I think some more finches have nested in another area of the bower vines. A daddy finch still sits on our gate.

Mr. Peter Finch Posted by Hello

Mr. or Mrs. Killdeer. But deer are so big. Posted by Hello

And the killdeer have raised another clutch of babies. It will be interesting if they go for a third clutch. We saw babies last July.

Lilly, that was my dad's grandmother's name. Posted by Hello

And we have lots of flowers. Dog, does my typist spend a lot of time messin' around in the bushes. Kinda like me, so I guess it's okay. I still don't see his green thumb.

I also want to offer a good link to Woofer Times Online. Kinda messed it up in the last posting.
Will correct that one.


Cal the Wonderdog said...

Lucky for photo editing software, otherwise my humans' pictures would really bite. Before cropping, I'm usually in a corner of the picture and before fixing the color, I'm usually barely visible or blue or something.

So I understand what you're saying about composition.

Hopefully, your typist will get going again. I'd loan you my bark-to-typalator but it was custom designed for my bark and doesn't work for other dogs.

Good to see your robins are away and off on their lives - our finches came back for a day last week to check out their old nest and then took off (at least I think it was the babies now grown up a bit)


Pimm said...

We missed you! Glad to see you're back and dodging wasps. Do you ever try to catch them in midair? That's how I catch horseflies.